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Most small business owners spend thousands of dollars getting an online presence then thousands more on advertising and promotion. While that may get business for you it’s an expensive way to do it. With Saafenet you pay a one time setup fee, then we show you how to generate leads for free . The only time you pay us anything additional is if we get new work for you. Look at the three pronged approach we develop for you.

  1. An attractive website, may  be the first place a potential customer has contact with your company. So we give you a complete secure system including a website and much more increasing the probability of making a profit with your company.And we do this for less than 1/5 the national average cost. Visit our system services page to see the programs we offer starting as low as $299.
  2. Then we become a secondary marketing arm for you.  Click here to read our mission statement, or Click on the image of the ball and chain below. This will help you understand our commitment to you. We keep you from being a slave to a business that doesn’t make money.  Visit our business growth page to see what we do for you.
  3. These first two features are included with all system services for a one time cost.  No recurring monthly or renewal costs
  4. Finally once we help grow your company we offer all the business support like accounting , strategy development, website maintenance and tax help you’ll ever need to save the cost of admin help that doesn’t earn a penny for your company. Visit our support services page. These are optional paid services.

You can try to build a business alone or use the help Saafenet provides and grow many times faster

Having an online presence can mean the difference  between  success  and failure for your business. We give you that then help you find new business

Successful companies are systematized. Systems make  growth predictable, allowing your company to operate without material intervention from you. And, allowing you the freedom to focus on growing  profits. We’ll have your system ready in days.   For less than the cost of a good briefcase. If we don’t help you earn more, we offer a 100%, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE , making this offer risk free. 

We show you why it's better to try something great and fail rather than to do nothing and succeed. And very few of the companies that work with us and try something great, fail.

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