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So how do I bid government contracts to win them?

Many businesses large and small enter the public sector trying to sell to the government and win their portion of the trillions of dollars the U.S government spends with small businesses. These companies typically try to win government business by bidding on as many Request-For-Proposals as they can. Then blindly submitting them to the contracting officer. Using this method your bid may never be seen. This is a poor way to try to get your company noticed. Or to win new work for your business. This is a limited approach that generally results in contractors winning one of ten contracts they bid on.


Okay, what do I do instead?

Sign up with Saafenet, the most comprehensive platform for growing your government sales. Saafenet tackles the challenges of government sales using a combination of strategies that involve discovering leads, tracking spending trends, finding new opportunities, and building relationships. And we prepare a well thought out proposal aimed at winning work for you. We win most of what we go after for you.

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Do you want to win Government contracts

Finally once we help grow your company we offer all the business support like accounting , strategy development, website maintenance and tax help you’ll ever need to save the cost of admin help that doesn’t earn a penny for your company. Visit our accounting and support services page. These are optional paid services.

If we don’t deliver on our promise to get you new work we’ll give you a 100% refund

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