Doing business the right way when you work alone

Selecting the right business for you

There are many types of businesses one might open. The keys are to select a business that is right for you. Your selection should be profitable nationally, and more importantly in your immediate area.  But, it must also be something you enjoy doing.  Otherwise it’s unlikely will be able to muster the enthusiasm necessary to do what it takes to make the business work. Look at the suggestions we make to decide if this is a plan that will work for you.

The Saafenet Corporation has developed a list of companies you could earn a mi;lion dollars with.  Many of the companies we selected may surprise you. You may know people that think they are working in similar businesses. earning some part time income.  But we show you how to expand the business through franchising, natural growth and other methods to turn it into a real business.  Not some side income.

How our philosophy will work for you.

The Saafenet Corporation developed a means to take what you thought was an ordinary business and earn a fortune.  How you may ask is that possible. Well first, we show you how to select a business you can be passionate about. You may draw passion from something you did in your past and enjoyed, a hobby you’ve been involved in and many other things described in the “Starting a Successful Business from Scratch” training manual.  Of equal importance you must follow the money Therefore, we show you how to gauge the profitability of your choice.

Next, you have to develop a personalized business plan.  Statistics show that people armed with a flexible business plan that is constantly updated have a four to five times greater possibility of succeeding in business than someone without one.  At the same time we show you how to use our five (5) point fundraising plan to raise enough to start hundreds of businesses.  Most of the methods we describe will have other people doing the fundraising.  This leaves you time to prepare your business plan and put the infrastructure for your new company together.

The benefit of using the Saafenet plan

All this is done while you keep your job.  This puts you ahead of anyone that left their job to start a business or borrowed to get started.  Because you will start your business debt free and owe no one. Further we show you how to keep your job until your business earns a profit.  At that point you would adjust the hours worked for someone else until you had no job and worked for yourself Once you are open we provide you with best practices for remaining open.

At this point most new business operators are struggling to keep their businesses open.  Having left their jobs they must work long and hard to cover their personal bills.  Then they must also earn enough additional money to keep their businesses afloat.  This is not the only reason but it is a primary reason for business failures. You on the other hand, enter the business world with a fully operational business.  You do not have to rob your business of the money it needs to operate and grow because you still have a job.

If the use of your business plan gives you a four to five times greater possibility of success.  And, finding the right business and identifying the right customers gives you more.  When these things are combined with opening your business debt free, some people believe you could have as much as a twenty times better chance of success.  Even with these advantages it is still possible to fail.   But the Saafenet Corporation takes it a step further.

Where you should start

Look closely at the types of businesses we suggest. If you can’t find anything you could be passionate about look at the ways we suggest for developing an idea of your own. by reading all the posts offered here, you will understand the paperwork necessary to start a business. Then we will describe best practices for keeping your business open.

Here at Saafenet, we offer you ongoing business and tax advice your attorney and or CPA may not know.   We help give you information that is constantly updated and kept current.  Because reducing your tax liability is a part of increasing the amount of the revenue you keep. It has never been what you earn, but what you keep that’s important. As a new business person, we help you absorb the information you need to keep your doors open.

But, the selection of a business only works if you select the right niche to sell your offering to. It wouldn’t matter if it was a product or a service you chose to sell. Even a breakthrough new process won’t sell if you don’t identify the right niche to sell to. Large companies spend millions if not billions on marketing. If you’re starting alone, there is no way your message would be heard, if you don’t find the right way to communicate with your niche. You may have the best product and/or service imaginable. But, if you don’t find the right customers and the right way to capture their attention to buy it you would be wasting your time opening any type of business. Look at our recommendations for developing a niche, just for your company.

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