The Saafenet five-point fundraising plan for start-up money you don’t repay

Eliminate a major barrier to starting your own business

SaafenetAnyone can be trained to research the types of business available to him and to estimate the potential for that business to be profitability. Learning to prepare a business plan may be taught as well. But, there is a third element necessary to start most businesses. And, that is to have adequate finances to make your dreams a reality.

Have you ever wondered about why there is so much excitement about the Starting a Successful Business From Scratch manual?  It’s because of its unique five-point fundraising plan that teaches you how to raise $20,000 to $50,000 you never have to repay. The difference is that other books will describe how much you need to open a business.  But, even fewer explain how to get the money.  Both our training manual and our business consultants tell you how much you need and how to get it.

The Starting a Successful Business From Scratch manual shows you how to raise enough money to start hundreds of different businesses. And, we don’t just suggest a bunch of options. We show you how to use a series of steps to generate enough money to run two crowd funding campaigns.  While you are getting money for those campaigns, It shows you how to use half of it to build the infrastructure of your company. And, it shows you how to get the money you will need for all of that without government grants, borrowing or investors.  All of which would be unrealistic for anyone trying to start a business. And the use of borrowing and investors would have a new business person enter the market in debt.

Having money gets rid of startup issues. But, we give you more

No other book on business startup has this five-point plan.  And most of them discourage the reader who wants to know how to get into business with a little bit of money. The  Starting a Successful Business from Scratch manual shows you how.  And, also, describes best practices for remaining in business after you open. No other business startup manual offers as much.  Stop wasting your time, and become a Saafenet Business Colleague today.  We offer you the training you need to get started. But we also have other websites to offer you everything you need to achieve new business survival.  Get started right away by reading the posts at our websites,  That’s absolutely free, helps up your business IQ, and helps you decide if going into business is for you.

While developing your business in preparation of your start-up, consider adding an e-commerce component as a means of giving your customers another means to get your product.Read our post on bricks and clicks next.

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