Business failure causes thousands to give up, but, Saafenet will help you straighten it out

failureInformation implying business failure occurs 90% of the time discourages many people from trying to start their own businesses. Statistics show the truth isn’t that grim for new businesses, but it’s not much better. After trying several pyramid schemes many people close their ears and minds to anything related to going into business; those people avoid anyone discussing an opportunity for fear that person is trying to get them involved in another pyramid scheme. Continued failure at earning money with pyramid schemes eliminates a segment of the population from trying to go into business.

Feeding on the misfortune of those people bred a new type of shyster. This new breed swore they could get you into business for under $100. Accomplishing that scheme would be quite a stunt since the cost of state registration and licensing usually exceeds $100. This reinforced the beliefs of people already burned. That eliminated another segment of the population from thinking about their own businesses. These and many other get rich schemes made a lot of people rich, except the people looking to make money with them, listening to sometimes ridiculous advice, wasted their time. Many never realized those business and books made a profit on unsuspecting victims. High turnover was expected but didn’t matter because there was always someone else looking to get rich quick.

Now there is Saafenet for all the people, who want to know the right way to start a business

failureThere has only ever been one way to get a business started. And that was to choose the right business and the right niche, to begin with. That doesn’t mean finding a business your friends or family like. It doesn’t mean going into a business because it’s cheap to get into. It means finding a business that is right for you, that is projected to be profitable well into the future. There would be no point in preparing a plan or obtaining money to get started if you chose the wrong business. Choosing the right business puts you ahead of most people who failed to do the research. The Saafenet training manual describes how to select the right business for you and to project its profitability.

The Saafenet Training manual

failureHaving a business plan would give you a four to five times greater chance of succeeding than a person without one. But the business plan would only be effective for the right business. It typically won’t work if you chose a bad business to start with. Assuming you selected the right business, the Saafenet training manual shows you how to plan it properly. Further increasing your chances of success.

A major deterrent to business success is a lack of enough money to get started. But getting money the wrong way creates another set of problems. Borrowing, mortgaging your home, using credit cards and other mistakes leave you in debt. Going into business in debt is a certain recipe for disaster.

Becoming a Saafenet Business Colleague and obtaining the Saafenet training manual shows you how to find the right business. plan it and how to raise $20,000 to $50,000 you don’t repay. All of which help you to flourish in business over the long run. Do the math, this puts you ahead of anyone trying to start a business with less.

We show to how to start real businesses. There’s no recruiting because there is no pyramid.

We don’t ask you to buy a sales kit to build an organization to make money. Or tell you to buy real estate to flip, implying someone will buy houses and split the profits with you fairly. We don’t tell you to become involved in affiliate marketing because it takes a lot of research. There’s a bunch of junk available for anyone thinking they can make money without the right business, a plan and money. Most of it isn’t worth the time it takes to read.

We show you how to make millions of dollars on traditional businesses proven to make money. Our CPA Customer Satisfaction Engineers have spent years in research to be certain you do. We don’t show you how to sell dreams, we show you how to build real businesses Where you can sell the products and/or services you select. You aren’t shown how to make us rich, we show you how to get rich. We show you how your business must operate and how to get the money to make it happen. Look at how our system works and consider if anyone else offers you as much, without having spent a dollar of your own money.

Start with your visit to the Saafenet website

failureEverything starts with a visit to our primary website here, at Never has there been a business consulting service online offering the level of support we provide to small businesses. It’s no longer necessary to spend thousands of dollars on business consulting and/or coaching. Because we give you the best of both, especially, designed for the new or existing small business. If you just want to know how to get started on opening your own business, look at the free information we provide to you helping you understand how business works.

You can even apply for a certificate indicating your knowledge of the right way to start a business. If you’d like our help, contact us for a free initial consultation to help us understand where you are, where you want to get to, then see how we can help. If you’re not yet open, we can help you with start-up advice.

We help give your business structure helping you contain cost and maximize productivity. Our consultants help you design or update your business plan and strategy. We show you the best promotions both online and off to attract interest to your company. Then we show you how to explode your revenue. Competent accounting and lower taxes help increase your revenue. And, we help you there as well. All our consultants and coaches are CPAs and all of them are current or former business owners.

We don’t have to learn to solve your problems we’ve seen them before. It doesn’t matter if you have a small consulting firm, a corner store, a dry cleaners or virtually any small business, we have the answers you need. We are never further than a phone call or an email away. And we are available seven days a week. Get help outside your normal business hours. And if we don’t succeed we give you your money back.



Obtain your copy of “Starting a Successful Business from Scratch”. You can’t succeed in business if you don’t understand how it works. That’s one reason people fail when using get rich quick schemes. It never occurs to them the developer is trying to make himself rich, not them.

failureThis resource helps you find the right business and the right customers to sell your products and/or services to. Save the cost of a credit repair agency, because the manual shows you how to correct your personal credit so you can guarantee loans for your business later. Develop a personalized business plan, to increase your chances of succeeding. You will know where to get money you don’t repay to make it happen. We show you how to register your business with the government and give you best practices for making your business grow and flourish well into the future. And if you don’t have time to do it, we do it for you.

Here’s what else our training manual will do for you

Give you a timeline so if you stick to our plan you can have your grand opening within four (4) months. • Show you what you need to get started and how to get it without spending your own money. • The training manual shows you where you should be after two, six, ten and twelve weeks, leading to your grand opening.

failureWhen you are ready the training manual will guide you to our information website at Where you can take care of all your registration, licensing needs. But, we go further than that. If you get stuck, we will analyze your current business status and show you how to change direction. Then continue your journey toward making millions in your business. And if you can send an email or have a phone we’re prepared to help. We offer free business and tax information.

Final Thoughts

failureGo to to sign up for a free consultation or get a copy of our training manual and learn how to do everything yourself. Once you completely read it start on your journey to success. Return to that website and read all the free business information there. The Saafenet Corporation is always there for you when you need us. And we prepare all the documents you will need to remain in compliance with the federal, and your state and local governments. So, when you want to go into business, go into a real business. Stop making everybody else rich, and make yourself rich with Saafenet by your side.