Art Headboard Manufacturing

Make money helping others to sleep better

business development consultantsArt headboard manufacturing is described in our posts as a manufacturing business one can start at home. Art headboards can be made by adhering art to inexpensive boards cut to fit a bed size.  Tree branches may be used to make a variety of headboards.  A headboard made of oars my appeal to a seaman. So, the only limit to the type of art you might use is your, and customer’s imagination. Art headboards can sell as cheaply as $250.00 and be as expensive as several thousand dollars. 

Depending on the prices you can command for your work, you may initially start by manufacturing and selling just a few head boards a month. And, many of them can be put together quickly. It’s inexpensive to start and easy to expand. Not every manufacturing businesses can be started from home with any hope of growing it into a multi-million dollar enterprise. But, it’s possible to start this business from home and grow it into something bigger. 

You intermediate term goal must be to get the business large enough to hire employees

This type of business requires a thorough understanding of who your customers should be.  Not unlike the other manufacturing businesses that can be started with a minimal investment, It would be difficult to earn much if you try to sell art headboards to the consuming public. This type of product is best sold to specialty shops, but custom jobs that can be completed in hours can earn you big profits. Big money can be made by expanding the business to include more than just yourself. You can’t make a lot of money on yourself, so we show you how to expand your business  early. then at later times through franchising, partnering, and major expansions.

Is the art headboard business for anybody?

Absolutely not.  But, if you like creating things and like money, it might be right for you.  There is a great deal of information online to show you how to do it the right way if you have never done it before. And, the Starting a Successful business from Scratch manual will show you how to understand how. Stop working in the dark and find out how real fortunes are made. And maybe manufacturing isn’t where you see yourself going with a business let’s look at some service businesses that might interest you.

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