Avoid scams that are in violation of IRS rulings

Don’t let a tax preparer impress you that he can get more of your money back when he does so with illegal methods.

creditsEvery year the IRS publishes a list of tax scams that can create unbelievable problems for both individual and business taxpayers.  Though most tax preparers are honest people with good intentions, you have to be on the lookout for crooks.

Many times you’ll receive a call or a letter that includes a claim that you will save more money through the use of the caller, over what you’ve gotten before. Others may have even more elaborate sales pitches.

The IRS prepares a list of improper claims for business. It’s called the dirty dozen.  Excessive claims for credits has made the dirty dozen list of the IRS. Visit their website at www.IRS.gov, to see what they have to say about abusing credits and be certain to watch their video.

The last thing you need as the owner of a small business is an increase in your liability, the denial of a refund, or any kind of problem with the IRS. You don’t want to be watched, or have them looking over your shoulder. Operating a new small business is enough pressure by itself.