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Become the entrepreneur your company needs. Your employees don’t determine the strategy for the business, you do. Businesses fail because the entrepreneur didn’t understand the importance of getting and retaining new customers; providing those customers with a positive experience; every possible means to get his products or services into the hands of his customers; and a means of getting good customers to make repeat purchases.

Companies that survive the first critical stages of their existence still fail because the entrepreneur must work long hours to develop marketing,; daily accounting;  strategies for expansion; on a regular basis, And, on a periodic basis  the entrepreneur must arrange to borrow funds, get into procurement programs and other things to keep his company alive. This leads to long hours and a feeling the reward for opening the business outweighs the money and benefits derived. All these things and more contribute to the disproportionate failure rate for new small businesses.

Many businesses experiment with lead generating products, tax and financial planning consultants, and business consultants to straighten out their problems. These services are expensive and most consultants only offer advice. Implementation of the advice is left to the business person, requiring he spend even more money. In some cases before his business earns a profit.

Enter Saafenet to the rescue

Many people are confused as to the service offered by the Saafenet Corporation. Some have thought it was start-up consulting. Others thought it was expensive traditional business consulting services. Both are true and false at the same time. We provide start-up assistance to pre-start-ups, and we help existing businesses to flourish by building them a foundation which dramatically increases the probability of their success. The foundation we build  helps them to start businesses without spending an arm and a leg.

We show you the right way to start a business, even if you are starting with a little bit of money. Our concept for getting a business to profitability is sometimes hard for people to grasp, because it goes against everything they’ve been taught about how businesses should be started. Currently and in the past, many people were, and still are scared off from starting businesses because they are led to believe they need a lot of money to do so.

By demonstrating how a business should be structured, we show the would be entrepreneur he doesn’t need to drop a lot of money into an expensive brick and mortar location.  Thus reducing the cost of starting a business by thousands.  We then explain how the would be entrepreneur can begin to earn money in months rather than years, with the proper promotion. Both features help him to achieve self sustainability for his company. When the would be entrepreneur understands how to achieve  those critical elements we explain how he should began to grow his business. People using traditional business strategies are generally swimming in debt, while our customers are looking for methods of expanding their companies or starting new businesses.

Why throw good money after bad, to fix your problem? 

Using the Saafenet strategy you’ll be able to start a business for hundreds of dollars rather than tens of thousands. In opposition to what is written in most business start-up literature, we show you how to make sales online and start off right from the comfort of your home. We show you when the time is right  for you to move out to expand your business with commercial space. You can start by obtaining one of our foundation building services. This will give your business the structure needed to encourage customer purchases.

Next, we explain how to use that foundation to begin to make sales sooner rather than later. We offer optional support services so you aren’t at your shop all night doing accounting, taxes and strategy development.  With our foundation building services and optional support, your primary tasks become selling a product or service and growing your business. We eliminate the back office work that drives so many companies out of business. And, show you how to operate like an established company.


Again, people using traditional strategies would still be trying to figure out what to do.  While persons using our methods would be looking to  expand their companies or start new businesses. It’s one thing to cheat yourself. But it’s not so funny when you have to cheat an employee who depends on you. Using the Saafenet strategy that won’t happen.


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