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Making money selling bookends


Bookends are a great gift for anyone. And, you can start to make them for sale to retail stores, online and even at house parties. If you like working with ceramics, wood or other materials this may be the business for you.   The key to making this business work for you is to select the right customers.  Next, will be your ability to design and create unique bookends quickly. Another important feature would be to differentiate your bookends from those available.

It would be impractical or impossible to set up a showroom at home. Thus, you’ll find it’s easier to identify several stores that sell bookends and either offer to sell them your bookends wholesale or consider making a consignment agreement with them. You can capitalize on the popular environmentally friendly theme and manufacture your bookends out of recycled materials. Just, be sure to include the fact your products are “green” in all packaging and promotional material. This will help to capture the niche market of folks that are buying “green”. You could then sell your products to gift shops, online and to department stores.

If you will be making bookends with a material that hardens in  a mold,  You could have molds made for your biggest sellers.  Making special orders could be a labor of love if you like working with your hands.

How to get started

Plan to provide something special for your customers

Let’s examine the best way to prepare, so you provide value to your customers, and a decent living for yourself. Bookends are great gift for someone who has everything. The first step would be to decide if you simply want to make some part time or occasional  income with this endeavor or if you’d like to one day start a bookend manufacturing and sales business. If you simply want to make some part time income, you can probably buy all the equipment you need for under five (5) hundred dollars.

If on the other hand, you’d like to develop a bookend manufacturing and sales operation and supply bookends to multiple retailers your approach would need to be different. Many times it’s best to test the waters to see how well your bookends sell, and who is most likely to buy them. Some major retail chains may charge you for space to promote your goods. In my opinion, it’s never a good idea to pay for space until you understand when bookends sell best. Especially when your business is new and profits may be sporadic.

Bookends may sell best around the holidays and the rest of the year can be a little thin. Local book stores, some online retailers, and others may allow you to display your bookends or pictures of them, without charging you. It’s impractical to set up a showroom where you live.  It may be best to be prepared to sell your bookends where you can do so without incurring unnecessary costs. Consider developing methods for selling bookends wholesale as well as accepting consignment arrangements where possible.

Since consumers won’t beat your down to buy bookends, it may be better to define a niche

Selling to individual consumers won’t likely be practical initially. Without going through the expense of opening a book store or other outlet where bookends would likely be a side item, consider developing a website. Websites take a while before they provide a return on your investment and should be viewed as a possibility for the future. With Word Press and Woo Commerce you can build your own website in a few hours. Then Make improvements to it over time.

If you hire a developer, it may take even longer to recoup your investment, avoid that route. Ads for free websites are typically bait and switch operations. The sites you can build usually don’t rank well in search engines no matter how much you spend and should be avoided as well. You may want to explore niches in addition to consumers that would make the most sense for this type of business.  My suggestion would be to target operations where bookends are sold like book stores. Avoid major retailers that charge for the use of their space initially. And remember, you can’t build a business on a single customer. So put in the leg work to constantly look for others where your bookends may be sold.

Planning for the Implementation of Your Practice.

Having developed a concept for building your company it’s time to document the first draft of your business plan. Starting any business without a plan is a gigantic mistake. Preparing your own plan must include how you’ll address presenting the right image to the customers you plan to attract, and situations you should avoid. Introducing your business to potential clients may be done with your website. If you’ve developed it for e-commerce, customers may place new orders, pay for consignments and learn more about their company. Selling to consumers may be best planed for a future date.

An extremely important section of your plan must be your marketing plan. You must plan for how you will meet the demand for your bookends at varying levels of demand from your customers. To do this well you have to decide who you expect your customers to be and at what points you plan to address their needs. It’s always a good idea to practice alone initially in this type of business. As a business owner starting from scratch, you need to understand every aspect of your business. From manufacture, to sales, to accounting. If you will be making bookends with molds, you need to see what your best sellers are and have molds made for them. When the demand for your bookends reaches a point you can’t fulfill it, consider methods for increasing your inventory.

Possibilities for managing your inventory

This can be done in a number of ways. Many housewives and retired people enjoy working with their hands. If you can demonstrate you can be used as a vehicle for selling their bookends, this may help solve inventory concerns. Senior citizens homes, recreation centers and other places are always looking for crafts to keep their patrons busy. Don’t look for excellence in the bookends they make, look for consistency and originality. Places where these people may be found, should be a part of your planned calling list. Exhaust all possibilities before incurring the expense of adding wage earners.

Preparing to open for business

As you moved near your grand opening, you would check to be certain you have every registration and license required for your planned operation. Begin to develop a content marketing strategy for your website, and perform other actions to begin to get clients online. If you get a following by making regular post to your website, you’ll already have a following when you decide to incorporate consumer sales. You should however begin to make commercial sales as early as possible.

The most important issue you must address offline is how you’ll approach the customers you plan to sell to. A possible option may be cold calls. Another may be to simply drop into book stores in person and ask to speak with the owner or manager. A good practice would be to have samples of your work to show them, and pictures of your best sellers.  This is the point you can discuss the purchase of your work wholesale or suggest consignment arrangements. Try not to take “NO” for an answer. These cold calls and store visits will become the official launch of your company. Direct them to your website when they want to replenish their inventory of your bookends.

If you are looking for something specialty shops and convenience stores can’t get enough of try candle making.

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