• We send all RFPs to you to be certain you want to bid it
  •  We prepare complete proposal bids for you.
  • We send the first draft of the proposal to you for changes and approval.
  • We make required copies of the bid and any electronic media required.
  • We bind the paper copies of the bids.
  • We guarantee on time delivery to the requester.
  • We don’t win every bid we go after but we have an above average win rate

We've helped more companies certified in the 8A BD, HUB Zone, state MBE programs and other small business programs than anyone in the country.

Get your share of the trillions of dollars the federal government spends with small business every year

Our System services section clearly describes how we help your company to grow online with a complete system. But our help doesn’t end there, we also help you in a big way offline. Our premium and ultimate systems include the following:

  • An analysis of your operating methods to be certain your operating and pricing strategies are designed to maximize sales
  • A paperback copy of our training manual “Starting a Successful Business from Scratch (for future millionaires)
  • Business cards and stationary to match the website we’ve designed for you
  • A daily search for opportunities in government and private industry small business programs for opportunities your company qualifies for as described below:
  • We don’t just send in dozens of proposals and hope you win one.
  • We contact the contracting officer and let him know your proposal is on the way.
  • We heavily promote your business to the contracting officer
  • Any proposal we prepare for you is professionally prepared increasing the chances the contracting officer will enjoy reviewing it.
  • We will have done the research for you to ensure your proposal answers the need the contracting officer is looking for.
  • We make sure all required attachments are included in your proposal preventing it from being non responsive
  • When Saafenet submits a proposal for you your chances of winning are greatly enhanced.


We search for work for your company everyday

Read the commentary below to understand how we help you grow your business. Then see what our customers have to say about us on the small business systems page

While an online presence is key to your success, having a second set of eyes looking for new work for you may be the service we offer that will benefit you the most. Once we determine the components of your small business profile, we ensure that your company is listed in every small business program that regularly uses the products or services you offer. We do more than imply we’ll help you, we deliver.

Next, on a daily basis our sales staff will make multiple contacts in an attempt to find new work for you. Typically, we win almost as many contracts for you as you’re able to win for yourself. With a second set of eyes looking for contracts for you, you grow your company many times faster than you can grow it yourself. Our business development services are considered among the best in the nation. And when you join the Saafenet Revolution by selecting one of our system services your company name is added to our business development database. If you’re winning 5 bids a year and we add another 4 to it your company grows twice as fast.

Just imagine saving the time and expense of preparing proposals yourself. We print, bind and guarantee on time delivery of any proposal we prepare for you. And, we submit up to 20 proposals annually for your company assuming we can find that many that you qualify for. Our 2% fee will become insignificant for you as we only bid jobs where your company will earn at least 8%. And if our services don’t work for you we offer a 100% money back guarantee.