Button manufacturing

Getting into the clothing industry by making buttons

buttonMaking clothes is a possibility for starting a business.  if you have a fashion designing background you might make it work. Being able to sell enough, however, to compete with even minor clothing manufacturers might be a problem.  It’s not a business conducive to franchising and you would have to build and brand it yourself.  But, if you can’t become a major designer, It’s possible to earn as much money making buttons.

 Most people overlook the fact most clothes have buttons.  And, only a little money is required to get started.  In addition, a person can become a millionaire by producing them in different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. Making them doesn’t require as much familiarity with fashion trends as would be required for designing apparel. Their manufacturer is, however, a different skill and appeals to a different market.  With the right equipment, one could make buttons that appeal to many clothing manufacturers.  You could never sell enough buttons to individuals to earn much.  So a clear understanding of who your customers must be would be critical.  With the right equipment, one could make buttons that appeal to many clothing manufacturers.  Not every manufacturing businesses can be started from home with any hope of growing it into a multi-million dollar enterprise.  However, a button manufacturing business is one most people are aware can make them rich. Button manufacturing  is a profitable business that requires low start-up capital.

How to get started

Plan to provide something special for your customers

Let’s examine the best way to prepare, so you provide value to your customers, and a decent living for yourself. Unlike candles, bookends, or frame manufacturing, it would be hard to sell huge numbers of buttons to large retail establishments, but you may not want to completely overlook them. Large retailers typically sell assembly line buttons which are good for everyday use. But, you can earn a good living when designers turn to you for custom buttons and you’ve developed a means to sell ordinary buttons wholesale. So, it’s a good idea to identify who you want to sell them to. If you can design everyday buttons, you should be able to find a manufacturer willing to make them in bulk for companies placing large orders. Just be certain you have a firm purchase order for a large order before going through the expense of having them made.

Planning for the Implementation of Your button manufacturing and sales operation.

Having developed a concept for building your company it’s time to document the first draft of your business plan. Starting any business without a plan is a gigantic mistake. Preparing your own plan must include how you’ll address presenting the right image to  customers and potential customers you plan to attract the right customers. Introducing your business to potential clients may be done with your website. If you’ve developed it for e-commerce, customers may place new orders, and use it as a source to learn about your company.  And this may be a great time to start a content marketing campaign directed at them. when you develop a method to sell custom buttons to designers, many of them will be anxiously awaiting the next line of your custom and expensive buttons. This can only happen if you were able to keep them engaged with your content.

But even at the highest levels you won’t be able to sell enough buttons to designers alone. So you should develop methodologies to sell wholesale buttons to regular customers who buy in bulk. You might develop packs of buttons with unique wrapping which could be your bread and butter money. And always allow some time to accept the special orders of designers.

An extremely important section of your plan must be your marketing plan. You must plan for how you will meet the demand for your buttons at varying levels of demand from your customers. To do this well you have to decide who you expect your customers to be and at what points you plan to address their needs. It’s always a good idea to practice alone initially in this type of business. As a business owner starting from scratch, you need to understand every aspect of your business. From manufacture, to sales, to accounting in anticipation of the day you’ll earn enough to bring on help..

Preparing to open for business

As you moved near your grand opening, you would check to be certain you have every registration and license required to operate legally. And that you’ve selected the right form of business under which to operate (ie: corporate, LLC, etc). Be certain to lay the groundwork to get sales at your website when it becomes known. If you get a following by making regular post to your website, you’ll already have a following when you decide to incorporate consumer sales. You should however begin to make commercial sales as early as possible.

The most important issue you must address offline is how you’ll approach the customers you plan to sell to. A possible option may be cold calls. Another may be to simply drop into independent  sewing and button shops shops, or where ever buttons are sold, in person and ask to speak with the owner or manager. A good practice would be to have samples of your buttonss to show them, and pictures of your best sellers.  Try not to take “NO” for an answer. These cold calls and store visits will become the official launch of your company. Direct them to your website when they want to replenish their inventory. This can help prevent you from becoming an order taker and allow you time to work on your business. Your offline sales will probably be the first customers to buy something at your website.

What’s the best way to get started?

Go to the checkout and be in your button manufacturing business within four (4) months, while you keep your job.  Learn how to grow your business so that some of the buttons you fasten are on the designer clothes you will be wearing. If fashion isn’t your thing try something retailers and bookstores will always buy from you, bookend manufacturing.

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