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Many people fail to see how starting a business can improve their lives. Those who research the cost of starting a business are convinced it’s not for them due to high start-up costs. Others read literature that makes claims they can start businesses for $100 or less. They are forced out of that dream when they realize the cost of registrations and licenses exceeds $100. Those that ignore the hype, and venture out on their own, tend to improperly approach best practices and many of them become part of the gruesome statistic that less than 5% of all new businesses are still operating by their third year. Except those who turn to Saafenet.

Before now, there were were few valid solutions.. People who sought to earn money online became disappointed to discover their websites wouldn’t be listed in Google for months. And they would have to be patient before they even made their first sale. Those who started businesses offline found they were in debt for the rental or purchase of commercial space before their companies earned a dime. Those who borrowed money found the only certainty they had created was the certainty a payment on their loan would become due. People say whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  Forgive me, but I have yet to see how a failure in business and finding yourself in debt could make you stronger or be beneficial in any way.

How Saafenet helps the aspiring entrepreneur avoid these pitfalls

The Saafenet Corporation has developed a means for people to start businesses without the overwhelming start-up cost; without the rental of commercial space and without the trauma of borrowing to get started.

Members of the Saafenet Revolution can be outfitted with a foundation including a website, the tools to monitor that website,  and instruction on e-mail marketing. We even get you started with social network marketing.  But, we enhance your ability to use the Internet to earn money, by bringing you to the realization it takes a while to earn money online and many companies will try to sell you traffic and other enhancements that are really just scams to get you to spend money with them.

Many people feel the greatest part of what we do is to show them how to earn money offline until their websites begin to earn money. Then we show them how operate both components of their companies as a single money making unit. We show service companies how to get started at home. We show merchandising companies how they can sell their products at house parties, trade shows, conventions and more. And when the right time would be for them to move to commercial space. 100% of the companies we work with have remained open and realize increases in their earnings. And, we only work with small companies and start-ups.

How Saafenet improves your life personally

First and foremost we give you the satisfaction of knowing you tried and never have to wonder “What If”. As a business owner you must be accountable for your business activities. This typically translates into you becoming more accountable in your personal life. Successful business people plan how they will make their companies succeed. If their personal plans don’t include how they can improve their personal or family lives their plans are incomplete. The saafenet strategy debunks the theory that you spend every waking hour devoted to your business and requires you make time for yourself and your family.

In life you make friends who will either bring you up or down. In business you quickly learn the success of your business is largely determined by your circle of associates. You adjust the outcomes for your business and your life by adjusting your associations to people who bring you up. Don’t make friends or business associates simply for your own benefit.  Most people can generally tell if you are faking. Associate with people you generally like as long as they don’t get you off track.

How Saafenet improves your life professionally

Saafenet is the first company online or off, that works with start-ups and small companies at prices everyone can afford. We show beauty salons, barber shops, small retailers, professionals practicing alone, companies trying to become government contractors and other small businesses how to improve the probability of their success by as much as ten (10) times. In the past, small companies had to forego using the help an expert could provide because of cost. Saafenet can get you started for less than the price of a good brief case. But then we offer the support you need so you can spend your time growing your business, rather than having to deal with your back office issues.

If you’re excited about your business idea, we help you make it work. We make sure you have the right foundation and support to increase the probability of your success. We even give you help with your professional development and hep you understand how business works. If you are willing to push your offering, we have your back. You have no one to bounce ideas off when you work alone. With Saafenet you are free to ask for our advice for months to ensure you are proceeding on the right track. Though you may be operating a business alone with Saafenet you have a team of experts behind you.

Become the entrepreneur your company needs now

Find out why you aren’t making money with your company


Become the entrepreneur your company needs. Your employees don’t determine the strategy for the business, you do. Businesses fail because the entrepreneur didn’t understand the importance of getting and retaining new customers; providing those customers with a positive experience; every possible means to get his products or services into the hands of his customers; and a means of getting good customers to make repeat purchases.

Companies that survive the first critical stages of their existence still fail because the entrepreneur must work long hours to develop marketing,; daily accounting;  strategies for expansion; on a regular basis, And, on a periodic basis  the entrepreneur must arrange to borrow funds, get into procurement programs and other things to keep his company alive. This leads to long hours and a feeling the reward for opening the business outweighs the money and benefits derived. All these things and more contribute to the disproportionate failure rate for new small businesses.

Many businesses experiment with lead generating products, tax and financial planning consultants, and business consultants to straighten out their problems. These services are expensive and most consultants only offer advice. Implementation of the advice is left to the business person, requiring he spend even more money. In some cases before his business earns a profit.

Enter Saafenet to the rescue

Many people are confused as to the service offered by the Saafenet Corporation. Some have thought it was start-up consulting. Others thought it was expensive traditional business consulting services. Both are true and false at the same time. We provide start-up assistance to pre-start-ups, and we help existing businesses to flourish by building them a foundation which dramatically increases the probability of their success. The foundation we build  helps them to start businesses without spending an arm and a leg.

We show you the right way to start a business, even if you are starting with a little bit of money. Our concept for getting a business to profitability is sometimes hard for people to grasp, because it goes against everything they’ve been taught about how businesses should be started. Currently and in the past, many people were, and still are scared off from starting businesses because they are led to believe they need a lot of money to do so.

By demonstrating how a business should be structured, we show the would be entrepreneur he doesn’t need to drop a lot of money into an expensive brick and mortar location.  Thus reducing the cost of starting a business by thousands.  We then explain how the would be entrepreneur can begin to earn money in months rather than years, with the proper promotion. Both features help him to achieve self sustainability for his company. When the would be entrepreneur understands how to achieve  those critical elements we explain how he should began to grow his business. People using traditional business strategies are generally swimming in debt, while our customers are looking for methods of expanding their companies or starting new businesses.

Why throw good money after bad, to fix your problem? 

Using the Saafenet strategy you’ll be able to start a business for hundreds of dollars rather than tens of thousands. In opposition to what is written in most business start-up literature, we show you how to make sales online and off right from the comfort of your home. We show you when the time is right  for you to move out to expand your business with commercial space. You can start by obtaining one of our foundation building services. This will give your business the structure needed to encourage customer purchases.

Next, we explain how to use that foundation to begin to make sales sooner rather than later. We offer optional support services so you aren’t at your shop all night doing accounting, taxes and strategy development.  With our foundation building services and optional support, your primary tasks become selling a product or service and growing your business. We eliminate the back office work that drives so many companies out of business. And, show you how to operate like an established company.


Again, people using traditional strategies would still be trying to figure out what to do.  While persons using our methods would be looking to  expand their companies or start new businesses. It’s one thing to cheat yourself. But it’s not so funny when you have to cheat an employee who depends on you. Using the Saafenet strategy that won’t happen.



You don’t get a 2nd chance to make a first impression


grow small business Unlike business coaches and most consultants we don’t send  a couple of suited guys to your office, to just advise you and make a bunch of recommendations. Typically, when that happens the advice you’re given is almost theoretical and sometimes unachievable. And, the consultants leave the implementation up to you. You need more than someone telling you what’s wrong, you need someone to fix it. 

We build a foundation for you within days, most start-ups and new businesses spend years trying to achieve.  Or thousands of dollars trying to establish. This gives you the most important element new business people need to grow their businesses, time. But we do it for a wallet-friendly fixed price, then remain available to you long enough for you to see it work.


No one starts a business with the intention of failing. However, statistics prove many new businesses fail in the first year.  And the survival rate for sole proprietorships can be dismal for many years. Many small businesses open with the owner trying to figure out why the growth in his sales is slow.  Many of them think the answer to this problem is to work harder. And, many do so failing to understand the key is to work smart, not hard. But the Saafenet corporation has the answer for them if the new business owner is motivated.  and truly wants to succeed.

Some of the primary reasons for business failure include a lack of planning, insufficient funding , believing they can do everything themselves and ineffective marketing . Review the items below to see how Saafenet eliminates these reasons for small business failure.


Many entrepreneurs start a business based on something they think they know well, and completely overlook planning. They feel it’s a requirement they can meet with a quick and dirty summary to meet the needs of third party requester. Yet, statistics show a new business owner with a documented business plan, that is properly updated has a four to five times greater probability of success than a new business owner without one. After determining a company is properly licensed, Saafenet performs an analysis of your company and demonstrates the wisdom of a detailed business plan and helps the new business owner to develop one for his business project.


Most new business owners fail to realize customers shop with them to obtain their offering. But, if the foundation for positive operations doesn’t exist, due a lack of funding, that customer may never return. And, what is of  greater importance is whether the business owner will have the cash necessary for his continued operations A material part of the planning process is the determination of where that cash will come from.

Saafenet has developed a five point fundraising system that helps new business owners get started.  And, through planning helps them determine, when they’ll need to borrow if sales don’t cover their operating costs. Saafenet also shows the business owner how to establish good business credit, so borrowing is realistic.


Most people starting new businesses are motivated and believe they can do everything themselves. Unfortunately they are wrong.  Businesses don’t prosper, even if you make sales, because there is so much more that has to be done. Accounting, marketing, operations management, quality control, and much more.

One person can’t do all those things alone and grow his business. The Saafenet Corporation has the answer to eliminate that small business killer. Members of the Saafenet Revolution can turn to us to get support for their businesses. We develop a foundation for them to give their business a look of success. Then we offer support for all the things a new business owner shouldn’t even attempt to do. Because much of what’s needed should be handled by specialists. We offer the specializations you need so you can spend your time growing your business.


If potential customers don’t know your business exists or what you offer, success will be elusive. You must develop promotions to attract customers to your company. Once they decide to do business with you, you must project the right first impression.  You must have an offering the customer is happy with, so he’ll return and make repeat purchases. And you should want him or her to tell his family and friends about your operation.

We develop a foundation to project an image encouraging customers to work with you. And, set up marketing systems online including a website, and offline including how to approach customers in person or by phone.  Then we make sure you have the right product or service mix to keep them coming back for more. Many companies spend years trying to put this in place. We have you ready in a week. We become your silent partner giving you time to work on your business rather in it. In virtually every case, this frees you up to make more money.

Our approach gives you the the look of an established business encouraging customer attention.

We reduce the probability you’ll become one of the  failure statistics for new businesses. But you must remember, the main ingredient in any successful small  business is an enthusiastic business owner. Only you can build a successful business.  But, we give you the tools to increase the probability you do many times better than someone, not using this strategy. Hard work may not earn you money. Projecting the right image might.  Why trust the future of your business to chance?  Let us support you and increase the probability you succeed and make a lot of money.




The components of our program, help you succeed


increase salesMany new business people find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place.  People looking for a product to start a business around, fail to realize they must deliver a service that solves a problem for the customers they hope to serve. Entrepreneurs already in business realize they received poor advice to get started right away, though they were not ready. Then they spend years trying to build a foundation to attract and make sales.

Before Saafenet, a newly opened company had to develop a means to come up with money to have any hope of getting started. Without substantial previous experience the new entrepreneur had to spend a fortune on specialist for help.  They had to determine how they would develop a foundation to support the operation and growth of their companies. And, all of that had to happen before their company earned a dime.

Most of those businesses spend years trying to decide how to correct their shortcomings. Turning to CPAs, marketing specialists and other business specialists to solve their problems. The advice of the specialists can cost a fortune. But, without it, their businesses may fail.

What’s the Solution?

Finally, there’s a solution. You no longer have to start a business before you’re ready. Saafenet  gives you the look of an established company, and helps you to succeed now! We make sure you start with a plan. We ensure you understand the importance of operating online and off. The consultants at Saafenet ensure you are pricing your offering so it will sell, then we help you get the word out to attract potential customers. Since the primary responsibility of an entrepreneur is to grow his business, we offer support services like accounting, tax help, marketing and more, so you don’t have to worry about the administrative issues all business owners face which gives you time to grow your company.  And we do all of this for less than you might pay a business consultant for a single visit.


We analyze your current operation to ensure you are properly marketing; and charging optimum prices for your offerings. That analysis gives us the information we need to develop your short term marketing strategy. Then we determine if you have a product or service that would appeal to the government. To avoid having you sit in a room with hundreds of people after that contract, with the same offering as you, we design a plan for you to get into the 8(a) program. There, the competition is reduced to other 8(a) members only.

increase salesNext, we use your input to design an e-commerce website for you. Then teach you how to use it. Once your website is known, you will be able to make sales 24 hours a day. Many people believe you have to sell physical products on an e-commerce website. They are wrong. But we help you to select a physical product if you would like, related to your business. If you are selling a service, we help you to sell that online as well.

Our premium offering includes business pages on Facebook and Twitter and a whole lot more. We prepare your application to get into your state small business procurement program and help you to restructure your business to meet their entry requirements. No one can guarantee you’ll be approved but, we make sure you are ready.


Finally, we show you show you how to operate the online and offline components of your business as a single operation. Though many business owners can take it from there, if you need additional help to explode your revenue we are there for you. In addition to the optional support services we make available to you, we make periodic checks to ensure our revenue enhancement service works for you, as it should. If you get stuck, we bail you out. There is no way you won’t increase sales when you have the right foundation.

With Saafenet you only head in one direction, UP!

Our service is a turn key system. You don’t need to know coding or anything else to make it work for you. We show you how to promote your company online and off. Because it doesn’t matter how good your offering is if no one knows you exist. We demonstrate that e-commerce without an offline component is an incomplete solution. But, when the two are combined, many companies will have the formula for success. Because you will have the right foundation to succeed.  We provide you with a legend for gradually improving offline promotions. Online we submit your website to search engines and directories. We also make sure you have the tools to monitor customer behavior at your website.Starting with the day we complete your work, you will have what you need to grow your business.

increase salesThere’s no way your sales won’t increase with our help. And our prices are fixed. starting as low as $23.00  a month. If you don’t see an increase in sales, we give you your money back. So you have nothing to loose and everything to gain. order your basic or premium package to get started.

Make plans, your customers will love you for


how to improve salesImproving sales must be your goal at every phase of the evolution of any business. If you were serious about opening a business, you would have invested substantial sweat equity. By this i mean you would have read everything you could get your hands on related to start-up. Additionally, you probably spent a great deal of time deciding how to finance your venture. Nonetheless, many companies never get started and others are forced to close shortly after opening.

A material reason, for these failures is the lack of a business plan. A business could fail if the entrepreneur didn’t plan for the amount of money he would need to reach his grand opening. Some fail because they didn’t plan for the proper promotion of their companies, prior to and  after opening. The list of reasons for prestart-up failures may include hundreds of issues that were not planned for.

Post start-up, failures typically are due to poor planning as well. Many entrepreneurs are so busy earning a living,they forget to plan for the future. many of them borrowed money to get started. Some didn’t properly take into account debt service, when they projected what would be left after expenses, for them to live on.  Others, turned to investors to get seed capital to get started. Many didn’t account on the investors becoming a problem when they couldn’t grant interest on those investments. The list of post-start-up problems may even be longer than the list of prestart-up problems.

You increase the probability for your success by planning every step

Once you decided on a niche, you should have drafted a business plan. Your business plan should have included your ideas for succeeding both pre and post start-up. At a minimum, it should have included your plans for at least three (3) to five (5) years into the future.  But, the  most important feature of your business plan should have been its flexibility.

It goes without saying, a good business plan will include your best guesstimates about the type of business you planned to open. And, those guesstimates should be adjusted based on your experience once you start your business project. Thus, a good flexible business plan is constantly evolving. Once you opened for business, you have to focus on how to get your company known, so you earn anything at all. Unfortunately, except in rare circumstances you will take losses before you break even.

This is not an implication you should not stay current with new developments and trends for your industry. However, unless you find material flaws in your initial assumptions, you must remain mindful of your plans for the future. Your short range plans may have included how you would get your business started. It may have included your strategy on how you get the initial buzz about and traffic to your company. But you must have a strategy to identify how you would evolve from short to medium range and from medium to your long range goals.

You must be ready to invest sweat equity for future transitions

Unfortunately the hard work related to being a business owner never ends. Your focus simply changes. A person determined to succeed, understands opening a business is like learning to ride a bike. Either you keep moving or you fall off. If you can’t transition into your next highest phase smoothly, you may have to wait until you’re ready. This could occur well before you expected or it could take longer than you’d hoped. Your constantly updated business plan must be a material determining factor for such a decision.

Many things take a while before they benefit your business. An e-commerce website can provide customers with information and, offer them another means for purchasing your offerings. This should have been an issue related to building the foundation from which your business would operate. And, part of your short term planning. “Bill Gates said by the end of 2002, there will be only two kinds of businesses: those with an Internet presence, and those with no business at all,”.  To a very large extent we agree.

Plan each phase to help you improve sales

Success in the first phase, implies you’re ready for a smooth transition into your midterm strategies. If you were serious about growing your business you should have included things like purchasing the assets of failing businesses. This may allow you to get near new furniture, equipment, and possibly even vehicles for pennies on the dollar. If you have a business you are working from home, you may not need furniture. But computers, peripherals, copiers and other office equipment may help. Depending on the type of business you started, you might avoid the expense of office space by telecommuting. When you reach the point of hiring employees, they may love it.

Other issues that should have been addressed in you initial planning phase should have included the use of small business programs.  The constant updates to your business plan should indicate how to best accomplish those tasks. Many large businesses have small business procurement programs you should have become a part of. State governments have small business programs that should have been planned for as well. But, the federal government offers multiple steps to getting into their business development programs. If you made plans to avail your self of these resources and completed applications in your first phase, you should be ready to market to them in your midterm phase.

finding success in your midterm phase should prepare you to improve sales substantially during your long range strategies.

If you were successful during your midterm strategies, your goal should be to continue to improve sales. Approaching suggestions better dealt with in your long term phase, too soon, may overwhelm you. Thus, if your original plans and your continual updates indicate expansion, this is the time for that. Again, the type of business you chose should determine the type of expansion best for your company.

If your business credit is good and you have sufficient collateral, you might consider an expansion loan. For others, franchising may provide you with the road to success.  In the midterm phase you would have acquired the assets of closing businesses. But, in your long term strategy, the acquisition of smaller successful businesses may work to your advantage, to improve sales.

All these things should have been considered in your initial plans. And, through your periodic updates to your plan you would have been able to determine which major expansion would work best for you. Getting a business open is important and will give anyone a sense of accomplishment. Simply don’t allow yourself to become complacent and contribute to the already high rate of business failures.  Instead, from the moment you decide to open a business, well before you consider developing a business plan, you must plan to succeed. And, improving sales must be the goal you work toward in your planning, implementation and growth stages of your business.