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Let our business consultants show you how to grow your catering business Into a restaurant.

business development consultantsThe beauty of planning a restaurant is that it could be classified as a manufacturing, service, or merchandising business. The preparation of food is combining materials together to make the finished meal, which is manufacturing. Filling your customer’s order is a service and selling it to him is merchandising.  Starting a restaurant the Saafenet way is closer to merchandising. And we show you how to get it started by starting a catering business at home.

Most restaurants close in their first years of operation, and are known for their short lives. And independent restaurants have an even tougher time. Possible reasons for those failures include choosing the wrong location.  Poor marketing strategies, failure to differentiate the restaurant from its competitors and a failure to offer catering are also reasons.

Not unlike other business we recommend, you can start your restaurant at home and, properly grown, expect to earn a lot.  You certainly wouldn’t want to try to attract foot traffic where you live.  So forget about trying to be a maitre Di’, waitress and a cook at home.  The Saafenet strategy would allow you to  get started by opening a catering company.  Start small with dinners for small offices and personal celebrations.  Take your time to build up a reputation and your clientele.

The catering business will make above average earnings if you promote it properly with the intention of expanding through franchising, expansion loans or other methods.  When you are ready, opening a restaurant will be simple, because you will already have built a following, You will have earned enough money to choose the right location. Furthermore,  you will have developed your menu.

How to get started

Every certified business colleague gets two free emails monthly for four months. So, if you don’t understand how to enter this business just let us know, Our customer service engineers will provide answers about anything in our training manual increasing the chances of your success.  And,  they will provide you with complete literature on food service businesses and as a result, help you to open a successful restaurant.

If you have experience or can obtain the requisite licensing, you may want to look at some suggestions for businesses you can start if you have the right experience. Some manufacturing businesses people have been known to make huge sums of money on follow

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