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The truth about starting a cleaning business

business development consultantsMany people decide to start a cleaning business.  Some begin to research the possibility of opening a janitorial, maid, carpet cleaning or another type of cleaning service. However, others will forget about research and invest in a cleaning franchise. While these possibilities offer an individual an opportunity to have above average earnings, most new cleaning services fail. Primary reasons for those cleaning business failures include;

    • a lack of money to properly start one’s own business or buy a franchise
    • a failure to understand the customer service requirements
  • an inability to prepare and properly update a business plan
  • failure to adapt to changes in technology and remain current with best practices for starting a cleaning business.

Solutions to these problems may be found by finding;

  • a source of funding, researching customer service requirements for cleaning businesses.

  • learning how to prepare a business plan.

  • keeping up with industry best practices for cleaning services to also aid in the development of a business improvement idea.

    An aggressive approach to addressing all of these issues would be time-consuming. And, require reading many books. This would leave the would-be entrepreneur in debt. Even with all of that completed the person would have a 90% possibility of new business failure.

    What is the solution

    A simple solution to these and many other problems may be found by obtaining a copy of  “Starting a Successful Business from Scratch” at the Saafenet training blog.   Then find out what the Saafenet training manual can do for you as follows;

  • The training manual demonstrates in full detail how to raise $20,000 to $50,000 to get your cleaning service started that you don’t repay.  

  • The manual clearly describes the importance of your customer to the success of your business.
  • Almost half of the training manual describes the proper method of building a personalized business plan and how to keep it current to give you the highest probability of success.
  • The training manual describes how to build cleaning services at home while you keep your job, how to develop a successful working model so in the future, you will be able to franchise the cleaning service and never clean anything again but the rooms in your million dollar mansion.

Go to the checkout and be in your cleaning business within four (4) months, while you keep your job.  Learn how to franchise your business so that the only thing you will clean in the future is the rooms in your million dollar mansion. My personal favorite is a landscaping business, especially if you like working outdoors.  But remember with the Saafenet strategy, you would only be out there for a short while, once you hire your first employees, you would be the armchair general of your landscaping business.

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