Comparing brick and mortar businesses vs online businesses

Do you have to make a choice

bricks and clicks consultantsBrick and mortar businesses have been around for centuries. And, offer many advantages to online businesses.  But when you combine both, it’s probable you’ll have a winner.

Brick and mortar businesses use location based marketing as their primary marketing tool. In other words, if you pick a good location chances are that your sales would be better than a company selling the same product or service with a bad location. Good locations can be costly and a decision must be made as to whether the increase in sales justifies the increased costs. Customers tend to trust a business they can walk into and actually sample merchandise before they buy it.

Since it is difficult to operate a brick and mortar business alone it usually requires hiring employees. Increased costs attributable to the necessity of a physical shop and the cost of employees will cause high startup costs eliminating many people from starting brick and mortar businesses.

This issue is complicated by the fact many people believe that online shopping is replacing brick and mortar stores as the preferred method of shopping. In reality total sales online are under 10%.especially as it relates to retail sales. Only Amazon even begins to challenge offline brick and mortar retail businesses. This opens the doors for a flood of scams aimed at the person trying to run an online only business. Online, everyone has a solution for the problem of low traffic for new websites. When in reality the only thing that will increase traffic is a good website design, great content, a back link strategy and in some cases a pay per click strategy. This leads to the purchase of solutions that may have a marginal effect on traffic and almost no effect on conversions or sales.

Online businesses

Online businesses are less expensive to start than brick and mortar businesses. You can typically get a good website for a thousand dollars or more.. But you might want to avoid offers for free websites, that may cost you more in the end. You usually pay for hosting and other necessities that are almost hidden.  Most free websites have add on features that increase the functionality of the website but, it’s unlikely to rank well in search engines. Most search engines hate the  assembly line websites offered free.. Some say online business may be started by selling things on Ebay, Amazon, Etsy and other online sources.

Typically, when an entrepreneur sells things on Ebay, Amazon, Etsy and other online sources, he doesn’t need his own website. Few people, however, make enough to say goodbye to their jobs, when selling part time or occasionally on those sites. And most people using these sources simply make some side income. Competition is stiff and unless you are selling to a niche market hungry for your offering, it’s unlikely you’ll make many sales.

If you opt to sell a product and/or service on your own website, the cost of a website is just the beginning.  You will not have a physical location and it takes much longer for people to know you exist.  You must know how to search engine optimize your website. An understanding of affiliate marketing and various other methods of online promotion can be helpful.  You may need to learn and invest in pay per click advertising as well. Improperly done pay per click can be expensive. It may, however, get you some traffic prior to your other online marketing efforts beginning to bear fruit.

The evolution of both

Commerce was conducted person to person, before brick and mortar stores and online opportunities.  A person might make things for sale and visit the homes of friends to sell it.  Hunters and fishermen might visit townspeople to display their wares for sale. None of these people had storefronts, yet they earned their livings selling things. Much later, someone came up with the idea of buying a variety of things that were known to be needed, and sold them in what became known as a general store.

Modern technology gave birth to e-commerce or sales online. Claims that millions may be earned with the right product attracts many people to online sales  While there is some truth to that, only about 7% of retail purchases are made online. People still prefer to look at physical products before they buy them.  Thus, to be successful in an e-commerce business it’s necessary to have a killer marketing strategy. This issue lead to the development of bricks and clicks marketing. This is a phrase commonly used for a business that integrates both brick and mortar with online sales strategies. Huge retail chains typically dominate such arrangements. But there is a lot of room for the small retailer.

The Saafenet Answer

Saafenet demonstrates how a working person can develop a bricks and clicks business.  A person using the intelligence of commerce since its inception has a high probability of getting this done. First, one must select a product or service they would love to sell. If it has a propensity for profitability, That person should develop a business plan for how he plans to open and grow that business. The Saafenet training manual will show you how.

A material deterrent for most people that want to start a business is money. Therefore the Saafenet Corporation developed a five-step plan to raise enough money to open many businesses. Review our plan for fundraising which includes crowdfunding.  This and all other steps described in our strategy do not require repayment. The Saafenet strategy allows a person to enter the marketplace debt free. This puts him ahead of most people trying to start a new business.

No one including the small business consultants at Saafenet can guarantee that you’ll be able to stay in business. But if you start with the advantages we provide, you have a much higher probability than someone starting otherwise. Because, At Saafenet, we show you how to make sales online and how to use your offline activities to help build online traffic. This isn’t a new concept that came out of nowhere with the rise of e-commerce. And, we show you how to do it without a brick and mortar location.

Understand what it takes to make a business grow by contacting the small business experts of Saafenet

Many people are unaware of all it takes to start their own business. And, of those that make the attempt, too many believe they will make more money online than it’s possible to make offline. Many of these people were so anxious to get a business started they failed to do the research that would have revealed greater purchases are made in physical interactions than are made online. People still prefer to buy a product they can see, touch and sample. Thus, you must understand getting your business started is just the beginning.

Until the day you sell or close your business, you must absorb every piece of information you can get your hands on about the business you plan to open. And more importantly, you must let your promotional approach constantly evolve to consistently attract new business. It’s great to have an online arm to your offline operations, but online, you’re entering a tough arena if you want to make money there alone. Reading through the posts at this website can be a great starting place to help you understand business, and it can be done free. It however makes more sense  when you consider opening a business offline, with an online wing than it does to do either alone. But, whatever type of business you choose to open, you may do better with a bricks and clicks model. There are literally thousands of types of businesses you can open in the service, merchandising and manufacturing arenas. It’s a good idea to do a circle inspection or a last minute check to ensure you’ve cover everything to the best of your ability before opening.  Read the next post as a reminder, before entering the world of business, with the odds stacked against you.

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