Many people fail to see how starting a business can improve their lives. Those who research the cost of starting a business are convinced it’s not for them due to high start-up costs. Others read literature that makes claims they can start businesses for $100 or less. They are forced out of that dream when they realize the cost of registrations and licenses exceeds $100. Those that ignore the hype, and venture out on their own, tend to improperly approach best practices and many of them become part of the gruesome statistic that less than 5% of all new businesses are still operating by their third year. Except those who turn to Saafenet.

Before now, there were were few valid solutions.. People who sought to earn money online became disappointed to discover their websites wouldn’t be listed in Google for months. And they would have to be patient before they even made their first sale. Those who started businesses offline found they were in debt for the rental or purchase of commercial space before their companies earned a dime. Those who borrowed money found the only certainty they had created was the certainty a payment on their loan would become due. People say whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  Forgive me, but I have yet to see how a failure in business and finding yourself in debt could make you stronger or be beneficial in any way.

How Saafenet helps the aspiring entrepreneur avoid these pitfalls

The Saafenet Corporation has developed a means for people to start businesses without the overwhelming start-up cost; without the rental of commercial space and without the trauma of borrowing to get started.

Members of the Saafenet Revolution can be outfitted with a foundation including a website, the tools to monitor that website,  and instruction on e-mail marketing. We even get you started with social network marketing.  But, we enhance your ability to use the Internet to earn money, by bringing you to the realization it takes a while to earn money online and many companies will try to sell you traffic and other enhancements that are really just scams to get you to spend money with them.

Many people feel the greatest part of what we do is to show them how to earn money offline until their websites begin to earn money. Then we show them how operate both components of their companies as a single money making unit. We show service companies how to get started at home. We show merchandising companies how they can sell their products at house parties, trade shows, conventions and more. And when the right time would be for them to move to commercial space. 100% of the companies we work with have remained open and realize increases in their earnings. And, we only work with small companies and start-ups.

How Saafenet improves your life personally

First and foremost we give you the satisfaction of knowing you tried and never have to wonder “What If”. As a business owner you must be accountable for your business activities. This typically translates into you becoming more accountable in your personal life. Successful business people plan how they will make their companies succeed. If their personal plans don’t include how they can improve their personal or family lives their plans are incomplete. The saafenet strategy debunks the theory that you spend every waking hour devoted to your business and requires you make time for yourself and your family.

In life you make friends who will either bring you up or down. In business you quickly learn the success of your business is largely determined by your circle of associates. You adjust the outcomes for your business and your life by adjusting your associations to people who bring you up. Don’t make friends or business associates simply for your own benefit.  Most people can generally tell if you are faking. Associate with people you generally like as long as they don’t get you off track.

How Saafenet improves your life professionally

Saafenet is the first company online or off, that works with start-ups and small companies at prices everyone can afford. We show beauty salons, barber shops, small retailers, professionals practicing alone, companies trying to become government contractors and other small businesses how to improve the probability of their success by as much as ten (10) times. In the past, small companies had to forego using the help an expert could provide because of cost. Saafenet can get you started for less than the price of a good brief case. But then we offer the support you need so you can spend your time growing your business, rather than having to deal with your back office issues.

If you’re excited about your business idea, we help you make it work. We make sure you have the right foundation and support to increase the probability of your success. We even give you help with your professional development and hep you understand how business works. If you are willing to push your offering, we have your back. You have no one to bounce ideas off when you work alone. With Saafenet you are free to ask for our advice for months to ensure you are proceeding on the right track. Though you may be operating a business alone with Saafenet you have a team of experts behind you.