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The Saafenet Corporation has developed a cutting edge method for small businesses to receive revenue enhancing services at prices they can afford. Hourly charges have kept small businesses from receiving help due to expensive fees charged by consultants. So we developed a solution. And, we believe our staff members are the key to our success. The Saafenet Corporation is always on the lookout for accounting, tax,  IT, business, and marketing consultants. What we do is highly specialized and previous business ownership is a plus, but not required.

Salaries are based on a combination of factors including education and experience for full or part time employees. In addition, we consider freelance consultants willing to agree to our terms of engagement. Please review the positions we currently have open and, if you are ready to join a fast paced team of professionals contact us. We pay above average salaries with a competitive benefits package.

Current openings

Telemarketers working from home

Earn $500 weekly or more by contacting companies in your area interested in increasing their sales. Our telemarketers earn on average $500 weekly or more working from home. Perfect for stay at home Moms and retirees. Give us a call at (888) 250-4041 for additional details. Commissions are paid weekly.

IRS Enrolled Agents

IRS Enrolled Agents Will deliver a part of the reason for which our clients contact us. A means to take advantage of tax breaks helping them keep the additional revenue we show them how to earn. Other requests may come in for interpretation of particularly confusing sections of the code. You won’t be asked anything….

Marketing specialists

The Primary Team Players The marketing team may get more requests for help than even the accounting and business specialists. The goal of Saafenet is to increase the revenue of our clients. Especially relevant, will be your ability to develop short-term product strategies for helping our clients with branding. Our focus will be on real-world….

Experienced Freelance Business Consultants

Are you capable of helping our clients to understand the business planning process? If so, we’d like to talk to you. Or, maybe you feel you can help clients to get organized and as a result, add structure to their operations. If you can do both our desire to speak to you will be heightened.


Get away from debits and credits and become a consultant Want to expand your exposure to consulting? Help us with accounting questions our clients may have.  Our clients want information on everything from understanding financial statements, to knowing the right journal entries to make. If you are QuickBooks certified, they have a world of questions a….