Custom Gun Manufacturing Business

Thank goodness we live in a country where honest citizens can still own  a gun

how to improve salesThis is an opportunity for people with previous experience only. Gun manufacturing is completely different from working in or owning a gun merchandising shop. Even working in a related field like a machine shop may not be enough. So without previous experience, this is not a manufacturing opportunity for everyone. But if this happens to be your passion and you do have previous experience, this is an opportunity that can offer you a great living when you’re working alone and presents many opportunities to learn how to improve sales to earn millions of dollars, if properly expanded.

The major cost barriers to entering this business would be the machinery you would need to allow you to make something truly custom.  However, if you have experience in this field and know how to draft specifications you may be able to get major gun manufacturers to make some parts for a custom firearm. In addition licensing at the federal, state and local levels may be expensive as well. An often overlooked cost for this type of business is insurance. With gun manufacturing, you would be exposed to material liability.

If you are ready to tackle the issues, have previous experience and are passionate about guns, this is the business for you.  If you will be doing custom weapons, you may only be working with a few custom jobs at a time. But, if you can interest others with clean backgrounds and financing to start a franchise operation you could earn millions. And, become a business development consultant at the same time.

If you have no experience manufacturing guns, you may find interest in a business where experience in carpentry would be of use.

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