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The Saafenet  Corporation was created in 2007 by several CPAs to help Small business people increase the possibility of earning a profit with their businesses.

Questions you need to ask yourself

  1. Have you opened a small business and are struggling to make a profit
  2. Are you someone who would like to make more money
  3. Are you using the helping hand the federal and state governments offer to help small business to succeed.
  4. Is your business promoted online with a blog or a website.
  5. Would you like to add several hundred percent increase to the revenue you earned.

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Know the truth before you decide

There are many companies online that offer to provide you with a list of available requests for proposal for you to prepare a bid for. At Saafenet we prepare the bid for you and present it to you for your approvasl and agreement. Then we guarantee on time delivery of the bid to the requesting organization.  There are web developers that may charge you hundreds and more likely thousands of dollars to develop a website for you. Once that website is developed they typically offer nothing else. Saafenetdevlops acomplete online systemforyou at five times less than most developers then shows you how to use it tomake money 24 hours a day.

If you want to find success in whatever type of business you’ve opened. If you want to add the additional revenue you can gain from having a complete online presence. If you want to celebrate the success of your business because you’re making a lot of money, you should be contacting Saafenet.

Who are our Customer Satisfaction Engineers

The corporation employs CPAs, IRS Enrolled Agents and business consultants with dozens of years of experience in business, accounting, and tax issues. Any new team members added to the original staff must demonstrate he/she not only possesses one of those minimum qualifications. But, that he or she is passionate about exceeding your expectations. Most of our consultants are current or former business owners.

And, each new client is assigned a project manager to ensure every promise we make to you is fulfilled. Whenever you have a question or concern you may contact your project manager to ensure you receive immediate action on your concern.

The Saafenet Promise

  • If you are serious about building and growing your business, you double your chances of success when you join with the Saafenet Corporation. In addition to giving you a complete online presence helping you to get business from internet surfers,we also prepare bids for you to win RFPs from small business programs. If your company is not registered in several small business programs we complete the applications to get you in them.


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