In the early stages of your business go after more work than you can handle

The early stages of your business can be lonely and produce few sales

salesUnfortunately, many of your pre-opening  and post opening promotions won’t get a crowd of consumers ringing your phone or breaking their necks to get your offering. Even when you have a better mouse trap.  Therefore, you must use the first few months of the existence of your company to make something happen or run the risk of losing hope of succeeding.

You won’t get most of the work you’re after, so going after everything you can think of typically won’t hurt. If you are the exception, rather than the rule and get most of what you pursue, accept it. Especially if you operate a service business you can use subcontractors, freelancers and consultants to takeup the slack. If you are using the Saafenet method of building your company you already know how to do this. Don’t hesitate to try it because it works.

Big companies use subcontractors all the time. If you think small companies can’t do the same you’re wrong. In fact, entire businesses have been built through the use of subcontractors. To learn more about how to use subcontractors to build your business, get a copy of “Starting a Successful Business from Scratch” at this website, Amazon, Pay Hip or Kobo. Or, contact one of the small business specialists using the contact form at this website.