Expand your business by leaps and bounds using the Saafenet strategy

Our business consultants will show you how to make your Initial expansions

SaafenetStarting any business that survives is great.  But, becoming complacent when you begin to earn a livable profit is the wrong approach.  Many people wonder how the Saafenet corporation suggests you can make a lot of money by starting a business at home. If you plan to stay at home,  at best you may develop a home based business. And, without plans to expand beyond your home that’s all you will ever have.  Staying at home is not what Saafenet suggests.

One reason for the success of people using the Saafenet strategy is the upfront preparation and the focus on expansion. Many people believe expansions are beyond their reach if their companies don’t become wildly profitable. Well, if that is what you are waiting for, Good Luck. A material part of the Saafenet strategy is to prepare a business plan. That business plan should describe what you must do short, medium and long range.

  1. Short range you want to get the business open. And we show you how to do that without spending your own money. We describe how to select a niche, increasing the probability you earn a profit soon. We show you the insanity of hoping to build a big business with get rich schemes.  And we show you how to operate your company when you are working alone.
  2. During your intermediate term, we show you how to increase profits by adding staff. And, when it makes the most sense to do that. Then we show you how to expand by leaps and bounds by making small acquisitions of failing businesses. Companies closing due to the owner’s retirement are another possible target. And, we show you how to make small expansions when the time is right.  A fear of expansion keeps many business people earning just above what they would earn on a job.

Earning millions of dollars with a business you started at home

When the dust settles from your business building efforts from your short term development, we show you the right way to make established business expansions. If you applied for all government and small business procurement programs during setup where possible, you have a wealth of business building opportunities waiting for you shortly after you open. Building on your experience at the intermediate level, you would continue to acquire other businesses. And, we help you to determine the right timing for that.

During the long range stages of your business,  you would examine the feasibility of using your own capital to expand your company. satellite locations, expansions in your distribution channels or other means of increasing your capacity to produce profits. An extremely popular means, that allows expansion without the related costs is franchising. And we show you how to determine if your business is franchisable. Becoming a franchisor will allow you to charge franchise fees and possibly collect royalties.

You can’t use big business growth strategies when your business is small and located in your home or apartment. But through a structured growth plan, your business doesn’t have to stay small. You grow out of the house into commercial space, and the only limitation then is your imagination.

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