The Federal Government Let’s You Market Directly to their Procurement Staff

Don’t Miss Out On Government Marketing Sessions

increase salesOn a regular basis various government agencies hold marketing sessions. These are premium opportunities to market your company to the federal government. Typically, there will be an area where government procurement staff and government contractors can meet for 15 minute marketing sessions. During those sessions a government contractor has an opportunity to point out the benefit to the government of working with his company.

Most government contractors will spend their 15 minute sessions trying to impress the procurement person on a specific advertised solicitation. That however, may not be the best approach. Generally, government contractors already in place will be awarded those offerings. Occasionally, the advertised solicitation may have been sole sourced before the marketing session is held. Or, even worse the procurement staff may already have a vendor in mind, to whom the contract will go.

What approach should be used to get government contracting opportunities?

If you are fortunate and are allowed one or more marketing sessions, don’t waste it. Knowing the advertised solicitations may have been previously awarded, it’s best to approach those appointments with a plan. Because those sessions are strictly held to 15 minutes. One possible approach would be to spend no more than a minute on the social amenities. Spend the next four (4) minutes describing your company capabilities. Spend the next five minutes discussing the advertised solicitation. Sometimes the advertised solicitation is still available. And, you want to be certain you’ve convinced the procurement officer you have the capacity to successfully complete it.

But, it’s the last five minutes that really counts. This is where you have the opportunity to use your certification as a government contractor. As a government contractor, especially if you are in the 8(a) program, you have been prequalified to be awarded government contracts. So, your company will not have to be vetted.

Spend the last five minutes to inquire if there is someone the procurement officer knows, that can use your service. Remember,  you only have five (5) minutes and part of that time must be used to let him speak. His answers may give you the names of people you  can approach for sole source opportunities. You may also have the opportunity to get a contract before it is advertised. Or at worst have a head start on preparing your proposal. Ask for the Name and contact phone number of his recommendations. And, no later than the next day be on the phone asking for appointments to discuss the service needs of his recommendations. This typically gives you a higher probability of getting a face to face meeting where you may be able to convince the buyer you have the capabilities to meet his needs.tract, than limiting your efforts to proposing on advertised solicitations.

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