startIf you’ve already decided that going into business is for you, you need to read and understand the elements of this section explaining “How to  start”. Before you spend a dime, you must understand the steps critical to finding a business that is right for you. Because what is right for me, may not be right for you.

Understand, the Saafenet strategy is not based on getting you to sell a product or service for us, to start a business. Its goal is to help you find a business that’s right for you. We do not get a percentage or any piece of what you earn to help you set up a business with a reasonable probability of succeeding. We provide you with the tools to open a successful business. Then show you how to get money you don’t ever repay,to get started. Read the posts below to further your understanding of how to find a business that’s right for you.

Understand the playing field before you get started

Here’s how to find an idea for your business

Selecting the right business for you

Ensure you sell something that solves a problem for your intended customers

5 ways to develop a niche for your company

Make a business plan once you settle on the right business and customers

Plan to avoid the primary reasons for small business failure

Be certain your marketing plan is a material part of your business plan

Plan for the use of subcontractors, where appropriate, to grow your business quickly

Select the form of business under which you will operate and create your entity


    Bricks and Clicks

15 things to consider before considering opening your own business

Before you open for business, give your planning a final review to ensure you have the best foundation possible

 If you understand the minimum steps I recommend to get started, take a look at the minimum paperwork you must complete to get started.

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