How our process works for you

What you can expect once you become our colleague

The Saafenet Process of Revenue Enhancement

The first day:

  1. Our small business specialists will contact you by e-mail for our kick off interview.
  2. We’ll have an honest conversation about your goals and aspirations.
  3. We will ask you  questions about how you operate your business, thus helping us understand how we can best help.
  4. If the lack of a website is contributing to mediocre sales or if you just want to have a new website, our designers will begin to prepare renditions (wire frames) of how you want your Word Press website to look. This will prevent delays in the delivery of your final website due to unnecessary revisions.

The second day:

  1. Within 48 to 72 hours you will receive a paperback copy of our training manual for use as a reference.
  2. We will present possibilities for how your website will look and proceed with its development upon your approval.

The third day:

  1. Our small business specialist will email you a copy of the analysis of your company efficiency and pricing policies and discuss it with you. The specialist will make you aware in advance of the time of its arrival. If you would like a hard copy mailed to you, you only need to ask.

The fourth day:

  1. The specialist assigned to your case, will present your e-commerce website to you for final approval. He will accept up to two (2) last minute revisions. Your completed Word Press website will be loaded on a free domain we provide for you. And, it will be ready for immediate use.
  2. You or your staff will be given a briefing on maintenance for your new Word Press website. The site will include video tutorials describing the proper use of the site for creating posts and pages.  You will not need to understand programming or other technical skills.
  3. Recommendations for methods to increase traffic to your website, including e-mail marketing will be emailed to you. If you would also like a hard copy it too, will be available.
  4. You become our business colleague after making a purchase of one of our packages. This allows you to email us about anything you don’t understand for three (3) months at no additional charge.

Should you select the premium version of our service

In addition to everything shown above you would also receive the following enhancements:

  • We also set up a Facebook Fan or business page allowing Facebook members to purchase your products directly on Facebook.
  • Next, If you already have a website, we extract the material information you want to continue to use and add it to your new Word Press website.
  • We set up 10 of the products you choose to sell online. So, you are immediately ready to make sales.
  • We list your website in 5 local sales directories for immediate promotion locally.
  • We register you with a free e-mail client so you can begin e-mail marketing immediately.
  • Google Analytics code is set up to help you understand visitor preferences.
  • We set up accounts for you on Google and Bing webmaster tools and as a result you will be able to track your indexing status and optimize the visibility of your website.
  • Our small business specialists will submit your website to search engines and directories for 3 months.
  • You remain our colleague for 12 months and may call in for answers to any questions you have about the services we’ve provided to you.

Our efficiency and pricing analysis become an effective part of increasing your revenue as quickly as you can implement the changes we recommend and help you to implement. Typically, it takes a few months before your promotional strategy yields results. Thus, we give you several months to see the results of our work, before your warranty expires. Companies that use our revenue enhancement services are permitted access to our additional services, allowing them to continue their business building efforts once our initial support ends. We understand building a business is a process, so, we don’t sell you an incomplete service and leave you hanging. Saafenet is always there with you to ensure you get started the right way and to help you with every step of your growth.