Experts say,  small businesses must offer a combination of digital, physical and mobile options to succeed. Because, It’s possible the final sale may not take place in a physical store or office. Many solo preneurs or companies started by a small group of founders exclaim just getting the business started used up their cash reserves. The addition of a website and professional help is outside their budgets. Ultimately, most businesses using such a strategy fail.

Executives volunteering for S.C.O.R.E. identified a material part of the problem. They discovered 49% of small businesses don’t have a website, though 97% of consumers make purchases online. This not only includes consumers making retail purchases, but also includes purchases of professional and non-professional services. Even the government will make its initial contact with companies it intends to make purchases from, at the company’s website.

A summary of the problem

Small business owners agree, those facts are true. But, website developers charge thousands for a good website, and usually require you to provide the content and images. The cost is then increased by expensive charges to maintain the website.  The cost to launch a basic website could easily exceed $2500. The use of websites claimed to be free could involve other problems, the least of which is the gigantic number of people using them. And their poor acceptance for indexing in search engines. Further,  statistics show earning money online takes a long time and can cost a lot of money. Websites without tools to attract traffic, and monitor visitor behavior, fall short of addressing the problems of small business. Even in situations where a company extends itself to pay for a website, and adds tools to draw traffic to the website, They typically have no money left for professional advice on growing their companies. 

An explanation of the solution

The Saafenet solution is focused on building the online and offline portion of a business simultaneously. Business owners begin to earn money offline while waiting for the online component of their businesses to catch up. Until now, there wasn’t a low cost, high quality solution for the problems cited above.   Our solutions are aimed at the new business startup and those with young businesses seeking methods to enhance their revenues. We discourage investing large sums of money into purchasing or renting commercial space initially for startups. And, we help existing companies to begin to operate with cutting edge technology. The Saafenet Solution gets businesses to a point many new business owners don’t realize it’s where they should be, for two to three years after they’re open. Then they have to consider restructuring their companies in order to be competitive in today’s marketplace. Saafenet eliminates these issues as a concern for small business.

Many rush head first into spending thousands of dollars on websites or purchasing a substandard website that adds nothing to the equation. And, those that can, seek professional advice on email marketing, social network marketing, getting placement in search engines and other business building features. Doing things this way can be very bad on your cash flow. Because, these services can cost you thousands of dollars, after having already spent thousands to launch a website. With Saafenet, we allow you to overcome these obstacles within two (2) weeks, by developing customized systems that bring your company into the twenty first century. Many people believe our offer is for a quality website at 1/5 the cost a developer would charge, which is part of what’s included. But, the greatest help we offer is advice and tools to help grow your company. Review the documentation below to see how we get your systems in place in days. Then continue to offer help to get your company growing.

Implementation of Saafenet systems to change the direction of your company

The first two days:

  1. During our kick off interview we’ll ask you  questions about how you operate, helping us understand how we can best help.

The third day:

  1. Our designers will prepare renditions (wire frames) of how you want your Word Press website to look. This prevents delays in the delivery of your final site due to unnecessary revisions. Virtually every website we develop is ready within seven (7) to ten (10) days.
  2. We completely involve you in the development of your website. Modifications to our interpretation of how your website should look will be made to reflect your personality. Remember, we’re building your website not ours.
  3. Depending on the type of business you’ll be operating, you’ll be shown how to use offline methods to earn money. Owners of service business will be shown the proper protocol for building an offline practice. Owners of merchandising business are shown how to earn money without investing huge sums of money into inventory for resale. Business owners are shown how to use the offline component of their business to send customers to their websites for refills.
  4. Depending on the package you obtain, you’re given an additional three (3) to six (6) months to ask questions, and solidify your knowledge of the best way for you to grow your company offline while you wait for material revenues to appear online.

Here’s what happens once your website has been completed: (typically within 7 to 10 days)

  1. The specialist assigned to your case, will present your e-commerce website to you for final approval. He’ll accept up to two (2) last minute revisions. Your completed Word Press website will be loaded on a free domain and, be ready for immediate use.
  2. You’re given a briefing on Word Press website maintenance.  You won’t need to understand programming or have technical skills.
  3. Many people feel they can earn money online with only a website. We show you that’s highly unlikely and provide you with the systems you need to establish a complete company with your website providing a second stream of  income. 

Once final approval is given and the website can be completed, you’re trained on systems to support it:

  1. You’ll be given instruction on using e-mail marketing with Mail chimp. That will be followed by instructions on using social network(s) to grow your e-mail list. We show you why it’s better to use social networks to get subscribers for e-mail, than to waste money advertising and trying to be heard over all the other marketers.
  2. You’re then provided instruction on tools to  help monitor visitor traffic to your website, and website health.
  3. With your approved website we begin weekly search engine submissions and the development of your first back links.
  4. Most people trying to make money online aren’t aware they need these features until they’ve spent money on hosting a website and haven’t gotten the sales they expected, sometimes even after years online.

With the online component of your company complete, Saafenet begins work on reorganizing the offline component of your company

  1. A desk audit of your current operation is performed to determine the best way for you to plot your strategy for moving your company forward.
  2. Within 48 hours after starting the offline portion  of your service, you’ll receive a paperback copy of our training manual, for use as a reference. With the basic package you’ll receive the e-book when you make the purchase .
  3. Business cards stationary and envelopes are designed to match your website and ideally express the mission of your company through words and pictures.
  4. Then we’ll have a discussion with you on how to get your first customers and strategies for continuing to grow your business through attracting new business over the short term.
  5. We understand businesses need to grow or fail due to stagnation, we help you design strategies to prepare for attracting opportunities you will need at intermediate terms in the life of your business. If you have a business that will benefit by entrance in small business programs, to the extent possible we’ll identify those opportunities for you.
  6. If your company sells an offering the county , local, state or federal government buys, we’ll describe steps needed to become part of those business development programs. We also will complete the applications for you to get into these programs as an optional business building service we offer.

With the complete restructuring of your company complete, we then review how this will work for you

You’re shown the best way to operate the offline and online components as a single company.  Our system is complete and as a result, gives new business owners a reason to get excited about their companies again. With a scalable company, we’re able to help you further. We offer complete support services, and if you got our ultimate package you can get them free for three (3) months. No longer having to worry about the administration of your company, we can help you to develop strategy for moving it forward. You’ll have a company that operates with only peripheral intervention from you.  We then become a partner you don’t share your profits with. There is nothing remotely like this for sale on or offline. And, every year you delay getting the right systems for your company, is a year you could have earned millions.