How The Saafenet Corporation helps you

The Saafenet system is made up of a series of websites dedicated to providing information and tools aimed at helping small businesses to succeed. This help is most useful when the business owner uses that information and tools to move his business forward. We won’t run your business for you.

We’re completely different from a web development company that will build you a website, require payment and then offer you other paid services. When we give you an online presence that is just the beginning. And it’s a one time set up fee not a monthly charge. We then find new work for you and no web developer does that. We work as partners to you that you don’t have to share your net income with.

We help you prepare any document needed to start or keep your business in compliance with the law. You can then graduate to our site offering both instruction and tools to give your company an online and offline presence. Should you join our movement we will then include the details for your company in our promotional site which is promoted to the top 2,000 companies in America.

Business owners can use our document processing services to start and continue their statuary requirements for document submissions. Where necessary the business owner can make us responsible to ensure they remain in compliance. We develop a customized online presence for you and offer instruction on how to promote your company offline. However it is up to the business owner to keep those presentations current and efficiently use them to get new business. We will promote your company but it’s up to the business owner to be prepared to close the deal when a lead contacts them.

Starting a business is more than putting the tools or inventory for resale required to serve the consuming public. If no one knows you exist you won’t make sales. We help you make your business legal, give you the tools to promote and make potential customers aware of your existence. We set you up but you have to keep it going. And we do it for less than anyone online.


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