To incorporate or form an LLC requires special attention.

Protect your personal assets by selecting to incorporate and/or form an LLC.

business development consultantThe business development consultant of Saafenet continually reminds members of its revolution to  incorporate their businesses and/or form an LLC. There are many reasons for the recommendation of those choices of business. The primary reason they are recommended by our business development consultant is because they offer the business limited liability. Thus, if your company had a legal judgement filed against it your personal assets would not be at risk.  The winner of that judgement could only satisfy it to the extent of your corporate assets.

We of course hope you are able to grow your business without ever getting a judgement against you.  However, if you choose to form  your business as a proprietorship, any type of partnership or some joint ventures, you are on your own.  These business forms offer you absolutely no legal protection for your personal assets in the case of a loss in a legal suit.

CPAs are the number one trusted source of advice on the type of entity that would work best for your company. As many key organizational decisions are financial, rather than legal.  An inexperienced attorney could misadvise you because he is an expert on contracts not the IRS code. The selection of the wrong business consultants could lead to the selection of a proprietorship, or a type of partnership.  This could spell disaster for you in a court of law if you are on the loosing side.

How you should determine the right form of business for you

An experienced CPA with exposure to the type of business you plan to open would likely advise you properly. For various reasons, he would suggest using a well established third-party service. This would streamline the process, allowing you to get set up properly without worry about legal liability.  It  would also allow you to focus on your business strategy rather than registrations or licenses requiring renewal annually.  Bizdoks, a division of the Saafenet Corporation offers such a service.

Benefits to you from using Bizdoks, a division of Saafenet

  • Saafenet will provide you with all the information you need on how to start and stay in business. 
  • But, its sister site Bizdoks is a complete business  information processing website manned by CPAs ready  to guide you through the registration and licensing maze.
  • Easy to use questionnaires to provide us the information needed to give you the service your CPA sent you to get.
  • Guaranteed determinations that you have any state or federal licensing required for you to operate legally when you incorporate or form an LLC.
  • Forms prepared by us are maintained in files you can access Monday through Friday during normal business hours. (Eastern time)
  • Bizdoks offers free information on business and taxes you would have to spend hours researching summarized just for you.
  • We offer you tax advice even your CPA or tax attorney may not know, helping you to know if he missed anything.
  • We offer the most favorable rates online.

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