Does it make sense to hire a small business consultant?

Hiring a small business consultant could save you money

Small Business ConsultantMany small business owners believe their success is due to the fact they do everything. Most of them never consider the advantages of using a business development `consultant.  Allowing them to focus on what’s important, growing their business. Which should be the only reason you took the plunge into being an entrepreneur.

With a little training and some good accounting software you may be able to perform some rudimentary bookkeeping. But, you must determine if the time would have been better spent working on your business. As your company grows and you’ll need more than basic financial statements. Attempting to perform the tasks a CPA had taken years to master, is  foolish. And, you have to ask your self if the money you saved made it worth trying to do it yourself. If you are trying to do your taxes on your own you have to ask yourself if what you are really doing is tax compliance rather than combining compliance with tax planning. Again you have to ask yourself if the money you think you saved working on something so complex as tax planning and compliance was worth the money saved.

The goal of any entrepreneur is to work on your business not in it

When you try to do everything you become a jack of all trades and a master of none.  The use of a small business consultant may help you avoid that problem. Though every business person wants to feel he did it all alone, that would be in opposition to the Saafenet strategy. That strategy makes it clear the only thing that should matter to an entrepreneur is his bottom line.  When you are stuck in the trenches doing grunt work in your company, you  can’t effectively increase sales.  And the most important sign that you are built to be an entrepreneur is that you see your goal is to work on your company not in it.

Stop thinking you can solve problems outside your area of expertise. No one knows everything. Bringing in a small business consultant when his presence saves you money, shows you are serious about being an entrepreneur. It always makes sense to use small business consultants to increase sales.

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