Medical Marijuana Despensary

Its not legal in every state

business consulting services There are 13 states where you can legally sell medical marijuana. This may well be one of the top businesses of the future. You will likely have to give up any aspirations you had toward winning government contracts. But this is one of the few businesses that earns money almost instantly. While there are many drawbacks to becoming involved in merchandising marijuana, the rewards far outweigh them. However, our business consulting services don’t completely cover this business. You must be certain not to do anything to get on the wrong side of the federal government however, because it is still illegal with them.

For this reason, it is imperative you do your research to ensure you have every required license. Each state has different laws about the purchase and distribution of medical marijuana, so you may want to use a professional to ensure you are in possession of every required registration and license. This research may be done for you at our Bizdoks website.

If you want to help people that have ailments that may be treated with medical marijuana, this may be the opportunity for you. This is one of the few businesses we will recommend you start, that can’t be started at home. It is highly unlikely you could get a zoning waver to conduct that type of business in a residential area. Even with the help of  business consulting services. Further, since banks are federally regulated, you may not be able to deposit your proceeds. You may have to pay payroll, vendors and most disbursements in cash.

Remember to always be low key with this type of operation

Be certain you pay any state tax stamps required for this type of business.  And get ready for a roller coaster ride.  Wherever you locate, you will always have a problem with customers rolling some up in front of your store. There will likely be street dealers selling there as well. Though you may have doted every I and crossed every T, you have little control over what happens outside the doors of your establishment.

Thus, security will be a material issue. Most states require you have at least one security camera. Depending where you locate you may need more. Just remember to follow the law, the federal government will look for any reason to shut your operation down. This may not be the case in the future, but that’s the way it is now.

If helping people excites you and you have the requisite experience and exposure, you may be able to help doctors and dentists keep the supplies on hand they need to have for their work by selling medical and dental supplies.

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