The Saafenet Corporation has released a new method for small businesses to present their image to the consuming public

newsMany small companies open for business, giving potential customers little reason to patronize them. Some of them have great offerings, but too many consumers don’t know they exist. If they have a website at all, it’s typically a brochure website. Many have a poorly developed, or no social media presence. And, far too many have listened to the hype about making money on the web, and, have no offline strategy for making money, at all. Earning money online alone, isn’t just difficult, but it takes a long time. Saafenet makes it possible for you to earn money on and offline. This increases the probability you’ll be able to use the offline component of your business to encourage growth in the online component of your business. And you don’t need a brick and mortar location to do this.

How can Saafenet make it better

The Saafenet Corporation has found a way for small business entrepreneurs to earn more money, for less than the cost of a good briefcase. For their modest fee, the entrepreneur is given a custom e-commerce website, on which he can earn money.  Since earning money online can be slow, Saafenet uses multiple methods to speed up the process.  E-commerce websites developed by Saafenet are awarded multiple back links. Additionally, they are given business pages on the major social networks.  But, they are also given tools to monitor visitor behavior and webmaster tools to monitor SEO issues.  And, the package includes more to help give the entrepreneurs every advantage online.

Certainly fortunes have been made online, but the best businesses use a combination of offline and online sales making them bricks and clicks companies. And, the few companies that have made fortunes completely online are far and few between. Thus, Saafenet shows new companies how to have a strong image both offline and online.  By advising them on efficiency and pricing issues, ensuring they understand how to get into government and private industry procurement programs. And, the best methods to market their offerings to the consuming public. In fact, we even give them business cards which no online effort can replace. Saafenet shows you how to earn money offline without a brick and mortar location. And strategies for possibly getting that brick and mortar location in the future.

So what’s the news?

The Saafenet offering includes a lot more. Allowing new companies to cast an image of an established business, rather than an image of a new company that wasn’t quite ready to open. This encourages sales online and off. And,  companies using the Saafenet strategy typically beat the odds, and succeed more often.  So,  you can struggle to make money with your new business or let Saafenet show you the right way.  Give your customers the look of an established  company, not someone struggling alone. And, before now there was no where else for new business to turn.



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