Perfume retailer

Women love to smell good

business development consultantsEveryone agrees that women are great customers. They love bargains, but from time to time they want to pamper themselves. One way women like to pamper themselves is to wear a perfect scent. As a perfume retailer, you can provide them with that opportunity by selling perfume.  Using our methods you may earn a million dollars.

Unfortunately, there are few franchise opportunities for that business.   Use of the Starting a Successful Business from Scratch manual will explain how to make a million dollars selling perfume.  Many pieces of literature on the subject start out implying you should look for the right location.  We agree that location is a one-time strategic decision that is difficult to change. But an implication this business should be started outside your home is fundamentally wrong.

How do we recommend you get started?

The Starting a Successful Business from Scratch training manual is designed to help you understand how to start at home.  This does not imply you should attract foot traffic to your house or apartment.  Rather, it explains how to build a foundation for your perfume retail company at home.  This would include purchasing much of your inventory and establishing administrative systems well before you open to the public.

You would use the Saafenet plan rather than look for expensive commercial space putting you in debt before you make a profit.   Then you would learn to establish systems to get women to give house parties to sell your perfume.  You would learn to build your retailing business online.  Then you would learn to start your own multi-level marketing operation.

You may wonder how you could make this work when you have no idea how to make perfume.  But, the Saafenet Corporation has an answer to that question. It’s near impossible to introduce a new product and make money on it.  Many companies make huge sums of money selling a hot selling perfume that is already on the market.  We show you how to buy a popular perfume and include that as a part of your stock. Then we show you how to contact companies that allow you to design your own fragrance and fancy bottles for it. But the most important thing is we show you how to get the money to do all of this.

If you don’t understand this after reading our manual, every certified business colleague gets two free emails monthly for four months. Our customer service engineers will provide answers about anything in the manual and the specific business you select, increasing the chances of your success.

It certainly has nothing to do with fragrances, a fortune can be made selling office supplies.

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