A recent study revealed the number of Americans working for themselves could reach 42,000,000 by 2020. It was also discovered 97% of self-employed workers had no desire to return to a job, working for someone else. 

Unfortunately, many would be entrepreneurs dreams are destroyed when they realize the cost of starting a business could be prohibitive. A person wanting to start a business could need well over $5,000 just to establish a foundation for a business that has any hope for success. And without the right professional advice, a person hoping to start a merchandising business would need even more money to purchase his inventory for resale.

Because of this many persons give up and settle for staying on a job. And, of those who attempt to start a business, over 49% of them don’t have a website, and many of them fail. Again, the issue is money, which use of our system saves you.

At last there’s a solution

job solutionNow there is a way to reduce the cost of getting started, or increasing your revenue once you’re open. Just as any structure must have a solid foundation to remain stable, so must a business. Without saving, borrowing or involving investors, it’s possible save thousands on the cost of starting a business, or increasing the revenue of existing businesses.

Currently, website developers may charge $2,500 for an ordinary, but acceptable site. But, then you could be charged hundreds more for them to enter the images and content needed to make the site usable. But, no business can be built with a website alone. You must have peripheral software to make the website part of a system.

Saafenet will design such a system for you, including a website worth as much as the one developers charge you thousands of dollars for. You would also get a separate e-mail account, social network business pages, software to monitor your website visitor behavior and website health. You also get your first back links and weekly website submissions to search engines. Your chances of making money online must start with this type of system, or all you have is a website.

For months you could call and have your questions answered about accounting, planning, strategy, website maintenance, and tax issues.   And, it is this advice that will put you ahead of the game. You are shown how to combine offline activities both as your initial revenue source and later to help send traffic to your website. One of the most difficult parts of starting a business alone, is having no one to bounce ideas off. Working with Saafenet is like having a partner, who receives none of your profits, but helps develop strategy. You’re even provided with business cards and stationary.

Learn to earn more money by working on your business, rather than in it.

We won’t operate your business, rather we ensure you have what you need to grow. We offer optional support including accounting and your end of year tax return. If you have an offering sought by a small business program we’ll prepare applications to get you involved. If you don’t have a business plan we’ll help you develop one. And, we provide you with a paperback of our famous training manual for use as a reference.

When you begin to earn a lot of money we offer tax planning, helping you plan for the future. When you add these features to the foundation we develop for you, your time can be spent growing your business rather than worrying about its administration. This gives you many times the opportunity to succeed. Start by looking at all you get in our most popular package. And, prepare for the avalanche of revenue soon to follow!