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Basic Business System


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All automated systems are fully functional upon receipt. Initial consultation and training are provided with delivery of your system, enhanced by 3 month of  free question and answer support

When you just need a jump start because things aren’t going as you planned, invest in our basic small business systems service, and help turn things around.

You could ask 100 people why you aren’t making money and get 100 different answers. Some would say you’re marketing poorly. Others might suggest it’s your lack of systems. Most of them would insist you failed to understand financial management.

A primary reason might be, your company was never set up properly to generate new leads. Our basic offering changes that. We set your company up to generate leads then prepare proposals for you to help you win new work. Imagine the difference when you have professional help to grow your business.

The look of success attracts money and we help you achieve that look

A complete strategy for earning money offline and sending traffic to your website

E-book of the famous Saafenet training manual

One (1) month of extended support

A Word Press website worth over $1,500 you help design
( a Word Press website capable of ranking in Google)

Tools to help feed traffic to your website                           Tools to analyze  your                                                                                                                                   website

e-mail marketing                                                                                   Google Analytics

Search engine submissions                                                 Yoast/The Ryte optimization system

(see details of all you get below)

Even with all we give making money with just a website is hard. So, we show you how to build a complete company

A Word Press website you help design

  • We develop a website for you worth more than the cost of this package.
  • It includes a provocative front page, an about you page,  your privacy policy, a shop page and a contact us page.
  • Our plan offers a free domain and hosting for a year.
  • We’ll give you a briefing on website maintenance. and video tutorials. As a result, you’ll gain complete control of your website.

We give you tools to get visitor traffic and monitor their behavior

Get e-mail marketing to stay in touch with your customers

We submit your site to search engines weekly for three months

Get Google analytics to monitor website visitor behavior

We believe that e-mail marketing has the capacity to dramatically increase traffic to your website. And mail Chimp has no Close second. In We show you how to use it to build your e-mail list.

Though site submissions may or may not provide or increase traffic to your website, without them you may not even be listed in search engines. Site submissions help you get found.

You’ll be able to determine where your site traffic comes from, and what they’re looking for. You can see what pages they click on most often, improving your ability to get them to make a  purchase. And, it does all these things and a whole lot more.

Though you may have forgotten, we ensure your company earns money offline

We perform a desk audit of your operation, and advise you on how to make it better

The e-book copy of our famous training manual

One (1) month of extended support

We perform an assessment of your  operational plans, or your current operation for existing businesses, to determine their financial health.  If you don’t have a business plan, we help you develop one.

If you’re already open, the effectiveness of your current operation will be reviewed. Companies yet to open for business, are shown how to start off right.

The entire plan for building a business is documented for you in our training manual. Which will act as a reference when you want to know more. It includes detailed step by step instruction for how to raise money you don’t repay to help cover your startup and operating costs. And, includes suggestions for staying open and profitable. With our basic package you get a free copy of our e-book.  If you purchased the basic package, click here for an instant download of our e-book. Please use saafenet as your discount code (all lower case)

The do it yourselfer may find his way in a year. With our help, you may do it in a few months. Starting a business is a life-changing event and there’s nothing better than the helping hand we provide. Our experts are qualified to help you develop the winning strategies you need to make your company a success.

As with all our systems services your company name is added to our data base and we try to find new work for you

Why The Basic foundation building service helps you increase sales.

The introduction of the Internet has changed the rule book. Yet, many small companies only use the Internet for advertising, rather, than a means to increase sales. There are many companies that will allow you to build a brochure website for free. However, if you want to make money with your website you have to pay them for specialization and hosting.  Virtually no one will give you an e-commerce website for free. All the websites we offer allow you to earn extra money and we give you a domain name and a year of hosting free.

To increase sales you either have to spend a lot of money to make your shop a fun place to visit. Or, hire a business consultant at several hundred dollars an hour to show you how to convert your business into a bricks and clicks business to remain competitive. We developed a means for any business no matter how small, to have the possibility to triple their revenue. Then if you feel its necessary, you’ll have money for any renovation you need for your shop  to be fun to visit, with the thousands you save working with our small business consultants.

Special help for the new start-up 

If you are not yet open, our start-up consultants offer guidance on how best to approach that challenge. We show you how to use crowdfunding and other methods to get money to help seed your new business venture. Helping you to get seed money that does not have to be repaid. We help you get started the right way. Our service provides instruction on determining if you have selected the right business and the right niche for you. This basic service was designed for the company already in business and new start-ups would be better served with our premium systems services.

If you are struggling with issues on how to develop a personalized business plan we help you there as well. Our small business consultants won’t write the business plan for you, but we will guide you through its successful completion. Since the IRS will allow some deductibility for your start-up costs, we’ll show you how to account for that. We will even advise you on the best form of business for you to operate under (ie: C or S corporation, LLC or LLP).

But the best part is you never pay more than the one-time cost of our small business systems service, or we give you a 100% money back guarantee, making this offer risk-free. 


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