Business tax return



Get the tax return prepared for your company. All returns prepared by CPAs. Prices start as low as $150. Interview done by phone. If you have no books of record or financial statements we will prepare that for you as well under a separate agreement.  If you have a simple prior year tax return, your fixed fee will be $150.00. For more complicated tax returns we’ll negotiate the fee based on the hours expended to prepare the return. But at no time will the price exceed $299. We will notify of your fixed fee if it should exceed the advertised $150 fixed price. Very few returns will exceed that price.

Your return will be prepared by a CPA and should his work result in you paying even one cent of additional penalty or interest, we will pay that additional penalty or interest for you. Your tax return is guaranteed to be mathematically accurate, and in compliance with the IRS code. If the IRS should call you in to discuss how your return was prepared, we’ll accompany you to explain our preparation methods and assist with such a meeting. We further guarantee we will get you the lowest liability or highest refund legally allowable by law.