Get a custom Word Press blog and/or web site starting as low as $299


Get a custom Word Press blog and/or web site starting as low as $299




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Everyone knows many people will not shop at a business that’s not online. Now Saafenet allows you to list your company online as a part of its business building service. It’s possible to build a starter blog or website in a few hours after reading our training manual. But, some of you may not have time to do that. Don’t allow the absence of a blog or website to stand in your way. Others will deceive themselves they can get a website cheap or free.  This is due to misleading ads and promotions on TV and radio. Our websites come complete with hosting for a year and a free available domain name included in the modest fee we charge to develop your website. The website will be complete and you own it. You don;t own free websites.

Beware of companies offering free blogs or websites. Unfortunately, ads for free websites come with a variety of catches. First, your website may be hosted on a sub domain of the developer. That means for anyone to see your site they must enter the web address of the developer then find the web address for your site. You can probably get friends and family to visit that site but few other people will even know about it. Some companies tell you, to develop your own website on their platforms free. Then charge you fees for domain names. But, it gets worse when they tell you they will charge you from $9.00 to $20.00 a month for hosting if you want an independent website. the cost for just the first year could easily exceed $240.00. That doesn’t sound free to me. And, you have the second and future years costs to deal with.

You are actually selling your identity, even to websites like Facebook and Google.  When you log into Facebook, they log everything you do. The people you like, the products you buy and everything else about you. They use that information to develop a detailed profile on you. Google is no better, they just track different stimuli. They track your searches, the content of your G mails and even the health information you research. And both companies sell that information to advertisers and make billions off of it. So while you thought you were getting something free, you paid with your identity.

You’ll have trouble promoting a business without a presence online. But there is no such thing as a free blog or website. If  if you don’t have the time to build a website or a blog yourself, Saafenet can do it for you for less than any developer. And we don’t collect any information about your habits.

How to get Saafenet to build you a real website or blog

The absence of a blog or website doesn’t have to be an excuse you can use for not getting started.  Because even if you do not want to do it yourself we will do it for you. After an initial consultation, we’ll design a website that matches your requirements. It will come complete with an available domain and one year of hosting. Additionally we will advise you on how to build an online business.

Saafenet will do it and offer you the best value for your money. Let Saafenet build your first blog or website and know you are on the road to business success.  Let one of our developers contact you to design the website of your dreams. Part of earning money online is to properly promote your blog or website so, you get traffic from social networks like Facebook. When you allow us to build your blog or website, most noteworthy, we also build a Facebook Fan page for you at no additional costs when we are given the opportunity to develop your site.


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