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Premium Business System


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All automated systems are fully functional upon receipt. Initial consultation and training are provided with delivery of your system, enhanced by 3 months of  free question and answer support


Why Saafenet premium business systems is the answer for increasing sales.

A complete strategy for building a company.

We show you how to build a company complete with a strategy for success.  It includes a website as a revenue producing  part of it. And, the advice we offer is worth more than the cost of this service.

imagine how much better you will do with a professional organization helping you with your business development. In addition to setting up your company to attract leads and make sales online 24 hours a day we also help you to reply to RFPs to get contracts that match what youdo. We typically have your website ready within 7 to 10 days. and you get tools to promote and monitor it. 

Like it or not, your company must have an image to brand. Potential customers look at how you operate, whether or not you have a website, company business cards and stationary, and who they’ll be dealing with. Initially that may only be you. Later you may add employees. You must leave customers with pleasant memories about your operation for success online or offline.



We start with an analysis of your company

Then we give you a copy of our training manual

No person can talk about his company without business cards

We make certain you have company stationary giving you that official look

Then we put it all together for the offline portion of your company


If you are already open for business, the effectiveness of your current operation will be reviewed. Companies in the pre-start-up phase, are shown how to start off right.  We would show you how all businesses benefit by adding e-commerce as a means for their customers to shop.

The entire plan for building a business is documented in our training manual. Which acts as a reference. It includes step by step instruction for how to raise money you don’t repay to help covering your startup costs. And, includes suggestions for staying open and profitable

Online business card, will never replace the ice breaking capabilities of a physical business card. Few things enhance your ability to start a relationship more than handing someone a business card and engaging them in an enthusiastic conversation about your business.

We make sure you have stationary and envelopes matching your website, so, within a few days you have everything you need to have the look of a company that’s been around for a while.  We give you so much more than just a startup package, we get you ready to face consumers.

Depending on the type of company you plan to, or are already operating, we help you determine short term means of attracting new business. This could include offering luncheons and workshops and .In some cases cold calls. Then we describe Intermediate  possibilities for growth.

Developers build a website implying it's all you need to make money. Saafenet shows you how to build a complete company increasing the possibility of your success.


A Word press website worth More than the cost of this service

We develop a website for you worth more than the cost of this package. It includes a provocative front page, an about your company page, your privacy policy, a shop page and a contact us page. We give you a site complete with content and images then teach you to make whatever changes you like. The sites we provide are also responsive on tablets and mobile (cell phones).

Features developers alone don’t offer

Other features to help your website succeed

  • Our plan offers you a free domain name and hosting for a year on a managed Word Press platform.
  • Saafenet will set up 10 of the products you choose to sell online.
  • You are allowed two revisions to the website , prior to taking it over yourself. Once you approve the initial design, you become the administrator.  Should you have questions, you receive three (3) months of free support for operation of any of its features.
  • We’ll provide you with guidelines for building the online component of your company, and recommend steps to help increase traffic and sales.
  • This service includes several thousand dollars in value for a few hundred dollars. It does not include any service not specifically described here. We don’t operate your business for you, but rather help you reach a point most entrepreneurs spend years trying to achieve.

Our specialist will give you and/or your staff a briefing on website maintenance, and include video tutorials describing the proper use of your website and the other components of your online system.

We provide you with tools to attract traffic to your website

We believe that e-mail marketing has the capacity to dramatically increase traffic to your website. And mail Chimp has no Close second. In We show you how to use it to build your e-mail list.

Your next best customer may be on Twitter.   Saafenet will get you started with your own Twitter business page helping you maximize your reach on Twitter. Then we show you the best way to use it.

Though site submissions may or may not provide or increase traffic to your website, without them you may not even be listed in search engines. Site submissions help you get found.

 The Saafenet Corporation will get you your first 30 back links as a part of our premium service. That’s more than some people get after spending  thousands with an SEO company. to get their first back links.

We set up tools to help you measure results and improve your ability to market online

Have Google analytics set up and ready for your use

  • You’ll be able to determine where your site traffic comes from, and what they’re looking for. You can see what pages they click on most often, improving your ability to get them to make a  purchase. Google analytics helps you identify where potential customers abandon their shopping carts helping improve your sales funnel. And, it does all these things and a whole lot more.

Google Webmaster Tools set up and ready for use

  • Google Webmaster Tools provides insight on how search engines view your website. If anything is wrong with your website, these tools will alert you. . Under the keywords section, you can see what keywords your website is the most related to. Most importantly, this tool helps you to pinpoint problems and opportunities to improve your site.

The Yoast content management system and the Ryte indexibility Tool

  • The Yoast content management system offers you the first true all-in-one SEO solution for WordPress, including on-page content analysis, XML sitemaps and more.
  • The Ryte indexibility tool helps you determine what should and shouldn’t be indexed.  Helping you check if your site is reachable by both search bots and visitors.

As with all our systems services your company name is added to our data base and we try to find new work for you

What makes our premium offering better?

We set you up to look like a business that’s been around for a while. This helps you appeal to customers and make more sales.

We show you how to advertise and make sales offline allowing you to start a complete company  rather than face the high failure rate of companies operating online alone.

After analyzing your operational and pricing strategies, and determining if you have an offering suitable for government sales, we explain how to best sell to the government.

And, we show you how to integrate your offline and online businesses, to help triple your income.  We help you reach a point many new businesses take years to reach. Then we remain by your side to help  increase the probability you stay open and become profitable.

We typically submit over 20 bids for work for you annually and we always win four (4) to five (5) of the bids we respond to on your behalf.

We’re so confident you’ll love our service we’ll give you a 100% money back guarantee If you don’t. Making this offer absolutely risk-free.

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