Saafenet shows you how to grow a small business

We make your company look like it’s been around for a while.

Unlike business coaches and most consultants we don’t send  a couple of suited guys to your office, to just advise you and make a bunch of recommendations. Typically, when that happens the advice you’re given is almost theoretical and sometimes unachievable. And, the consultants leave the implementation up to you. At Saafenet we do more than tell you what’s wrong, we fix it. 

We build a foundation for you within days, most start-ups and new businesses spend years trying to achieve, or thousands of dollars trying to establish. This gives you the most important element new business people need to grow their businesses, time. But we do it for a wallet-friendly fixed price, then remain available to you long enough for you to see it work.

Experience the Saafenet Difference

Many small business specialists will argue the most important aspect for any new small business to focus on is  systems and leadership. Others will argue it’s an effective use of sales and marketing. We don’t disagree with their opinions, but, we  give you the one element that makes it possible to maximize your efforts on all these things, time.

Without time, you can’t get any of it done properly. In fact, most new business people spend too much time trying to establish the proper use of leadership to develop systems for sales and marketing.  Unfortunately, a new business person can’t even begin to develop those processes when their immediate focus must be on developing a foundation for their companies.

Most new business people start businesses having never considered what systems had to be in place to make their businesses operate efficiently. You don’t have to worry about the efficiency of your operation because we analyze both that and your pricing strategies for your start-up plans if you are not yet open, or your existing operation.

If you have an offering purchased by the government, you’re provided with a path to getting government contracts. Getting government contracts has the capacity to completely increase and change the economic outlook of your business. We guarantee to guide you to successful completion of any self certifications. Though we can’t guarantee to get you 8(a) certified, we can guarantee to get you ready.

Even with those enhancements, it wouldn’t do much if you didn’t have a strategy for the effective use of marketing and sales for your offering. Saafenet helps you to develop that strategy, so you can spend your time growing your business.

Our approach gives you the foundation to earn more, sooner.

Some online marketers work for years before achieving the market presence we give you, usually in under 7 days. Helping to keep you from becoming one of the  75% failure statistics of online businesses and the even worse failure rate for other businesses. But you must remember, The main ingredient in any successful business necessary to take advantage of the additional time we help you get, is an enthusiastic business owner. Only you can build a successful business.  But, we give you the tools to increase the probability you do three to four times better than someone, not using this strategy.

How these components are combined to grow your business

We suggest means for getting new customers. Then retaining the customers you have,  through constant contact, and the development of superior customer service. Especially aftermarket service.  Typically it takes months and sometimes even years to work for anyone. You can open a business and work long hours to make a profit. Or, use our strategy and have a real opportunity to succeed much sooner.



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