Revenue enhancement vs Revenue management

Why All Small Businesses Need Revenue Enhancement

Revenue EnhancementThe Saafenet Corporation has redefined revenue enhancement as a business practice for use by small companies. In the past, revenue enhancement described an increase in revenue obtained by taxing authorities. This was accomplished by increasing the amount of taxes charged. Taxing authorities can raise taxes  to enhance  revenue, because of forced payment by statute. Small businesses  can’t raise prices because it could have a negative impact. Customers might  obtain the same products and/or services elsewhere for less.

Saafenet Revenue enhancement includes an analysis of the current business practices of a company and, a determination of optimal methods of marketing and selling products and or services. This is combined with an analysis of  how a company can increase the number of customers it serves. As a result,   this increases revenue and the associated profits of the company. You are then provided with a path aimed at getting you the contracts with the best customer in the world. The U.S. Federal government.

Revenue Management vs Revenue Enhancement for Business

First of all, revenue management is a practice primarily used by companies with perishable inventory.  There has been some science developed around it.  Primarily for perishable items at food stores; theaters where a seat may not be sold once the show is over; hotel rooms where  room rates and occupancy determine revenue. And, Airlines where a seat cannot be sold once the plane departs. Because these things represent perishable inventory. However, this practice can be modified to work with all inventories or services.

The Saafenet corporation has redefined the science of revenue management, and made it a part of revenue enhancement for small businesses. Managers use revenue management to determine the optimum price at which a product and/or service can be sold. It may also be used to help determine where groupings of products can be used to increase sales. The Saafenet Corporation takes that information and analyzes methods by which a company may increase the number of customers it serves. The company gains greater recognition, increases sales and earns enhanced revenues. Review the services we offer and decide for yourself.


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