How Saafenet Performs an Analysis of Your Company

We help you get it right

AnalysisIf you haven’t yet opened for business we show you how to get started the right way.  If you are up and running, the Saafenet Corporation analyzes your company to ensure it operates efficiently.  And we describe methods to maximize your profits.

We review your business plan.  And show you why it needs to be documented. if you don’t have one we show you what it needs to include. We determine if you are properly managing cash flows, and if not show you how. If your company makes credit sales, we ensure you are collecting in a timely fashion. Where feasible we show you alternative methods allowing you to get your money up front. The optimum sales price for your goods and services is determined. We show you how to determine customer acquisition costs. Helping you to understand if you are marketing wisely. If you are a very small company we discuss contingencies for use if you can’t work. Where possible we show you how to establish business lines of credit. And, where possible how to factor your  accounts receivable.

And, this analysis is performed by CPAs, all of whom are current or former business owners. We don’t give you text book solutions, we give you real world solutions, tailored to your needs.  This analysis is bundled as a part of our basic and premium services and costs a fraction of what you would have to pay a business consultant.

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