How Saafenet helps small accounting firms achieve a look of depth.

Stop taking the three letters (CPA) for granted

CPA – Certified Public Accountant

Many small CPA firms have resigned themselves to performing financial and management accounting followed by tax planning and compliance work. While a CPA can make money with those competencies, they are labor intensive and pay low fees. No one will argue these services are essential. However, doing them right, can leave you burned out.

CPAs were the go-to professionals for all business advice.  But, when small firms can only deliver the basics, they lose valuable clients. Many small accounting firms find they lack the resources to properly market for a steady stream of new clients. Leaving clients to believe CPAs are number crunchers with a high price tag. In addition to competition from big firms, CPAs now face a threat from bookkeepers and LPAs. Though these people are paraprofessionals with a fraction of the knowledge required to give small clients the business advice they need.

The advent of super bookkeeping packages like QuickBooks and several others, reduce a client’s need for a CPA that only does bookkeeping and taxes.  A few clients may ask for limited reviews when a bank or financial institution requires it, and the growth in audits is extremely poor. This has forced many CPAs to leave private practice or to never even try it, and to seek employment in government, non-profit, or industry. There, CMAs, CISAs, CFPs, and people with dozens of obscure accounting certifications  get as much if not more respect than CPAs who hold the original and highest level certification in the discipline.

So, what’s the solution?

Small CPA firms and even sole practitioners can work with Saafenet nationwide to give their firms a look of depth.  Because any CPA claiming to understand business should also know the best source of new business is their current clients. Continue to offer your accounting and tax services and let us help you keep your clients, with answers to their general business and consulting questions.

If you are working in government, non-profit or industry, no matter what you are earning, join with us and add an extra $25,000 or $30,000 to your salary. This not a pyramid, nor a promise of obscene wealth. All you need to do is recommend our service to the restaurants, stores and other businesses you frequent. If one of them accepts your offer, we give you the most generous commissions around. Just a few  placements per year could realistically put as much as $25,000 or $30,000 in your pocket. And, there’s no one down line for you to motivate. This is a highly profitable individual effort. Become our affiliate and keep your job.

The large CPA and accounting firms have taken the lead in portraying themselves as business consultants. If you are in private practice  we’ll do your business consulting for you, allowing you to spend your free time growing your client base. If you work in Industry, all you have to do is make people aware of our services. Earn a full time income with a part time effort and keep your job. You didn’t become a CPA to sell things and with us you don’t have to. Our services are so good they sell themselves.

Become what you always dreamed a CPA should be, and no one will feel you are a numbers cruncher again. Command the respect your CPA certificate deserves!  Contact us now for details on increasing your revenue even if you are working alone or for someone else!!