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Help our vets overcome financial stress

Win Government contractsMany of our young people decide their first career step should be in service to their country. A select few will make careers of their military service. And we here at Saafenet, salute and honor their service to our country. Thus, we have made special arrangements to help their return to civilian life to be as fruitful as possible. Prior to describing our pledge to our returning vets, let us identify the reasons for our commitment.

Almost 80% of members of all branches of the military worry about their financial futures. Both those that joined with a plan for a short term commitment as well as those planning to retire from military service. Military personnel are federal employees and if anyone should be taught, they should be taught to win government contracts

Many military occupations have no civilian equivalent. Though combat troops are a small percentage of the total military they need civilian jobs to care for their families. There aren’t enough good jobs in security that can use their skills. Those who retire from military service may even be worse off.  Making the transition from a tank to a desk in an office can be a challenge. Even for those that worked in administration, finding a job may be tough.  Many of our former heroes are reduced to accepting jobs in the defense industry, where only a few good jobs exist. 

Female veterans returning home may be worse off

But, the greatest challenges exist for the 11 to 12 percent of veterans returning to civilian life, that are female. Many of whom are mothers. All these facts and more show a grim reality for people who should be welcomed back to society as heroes. In truth, the economy has been on a roller coaster ride. There are millions of people underemployed or unemployed, even when our political leaders claim unemployment figures are down. It’s still tough for those coming home, especially when civilians are struggling to get jobs.

What is the answer The Saafenet Corporation has for our vets

The Saafenet Corporation will provide free training to anyone that can prove they are one of our returning heroes.  If you served no less than 30 months in any branch of the military. We got you covered.

We will demonstrate how you can define your destiny, even if you can’t find the right job. This is especially important for female veterans who are also mothers.  Women have been discriminated against in civilian life in this country for decades.  It’s foolish to believe that you will return and be recognized for military skills that have no civilian equivalent.

We show you how you can devote a couple of hours nightly to building a business while you work any job.  Even if it pays minimum wage.  We show you how to build the business at home before opening.  And, if you have a family they can help.  We show you how to eliminate the biggest barrier to starting your own business, which is a lack of money. We help you have your grand opening in 120 days. with a dramatically increased probability for longevity and success. If you are a returning vet and email us a copy of your discharge papers we will give you a free electronic copy of our training manual. Our training manual entitled “Starting a Successful Business from Scratch, sells for $18.99 in paperback and $4.99 for the electronic copy. But if you are one of our heroes, we’ll give you the electronic copy free.

Final thoughts

This is not a get rich scheme, but rather a chance for our military heroes to wake up to the truth.  We show to how you can start hundreds of traditional businesses without building a pyramid or selling dreams.  Having received our philosophy free of charge, if you think it won’t work for you don’t try it.  And, you won’t have spent a dime. But if you decide to let us help, you’ll find that you won’t go through the layers of administration you became used to in the military.

Everything will happen quickly so don’t be hesitant or be surprised.  99% of the people we help are able to open businesses though they thought they never could.  This is your chance to become a Saafenet Business Colleague, and a hero for yourself and your family.  Use the discount code vets (all small letters) at this or any Saafenet website, and let us become one of your customers. You’ll be able to get our training manual, your federal registrations and your business credit file established for free.  If you decide to complete the plan we help you all the way to reduce the possibility of failure.  The only way you can fail is if you don’t make the effort.

Though most people leaving the military are still young, occasionally they are senior citizens. Not unlike seniors in civilian life, many retiring vets believe they are too old to consider an encore career. Look at what the Saafenet Corporation has to say aboutsenior entrepreneurs.

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