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Small business consultantsSmall business consultants can’t help you if you don’t have a foundation for making sales. The Saafenet corporation offers free training on how to start a business. However our discussions extend to how to endure and become profitable once you open for business. Thus, if you haven’t already done so, you must investigate the possibilities of adding an e-commerce website as part of your operation.

In the past, many companies advertised online with brochure websites. However, the day of the brochure website is gone forever. Now, use of the Internet is a key to delivering your message to your customers and improving his experience with your store.  Prior to discussing the advantages e-commerce will add to your operation, let’s review some of the other uses of websites.

  • Just  as brochure websites were used in the past, you may still use your website to describe your company.
  • potential customers can make appointments, if you offer a service.
  • You can give surveys to understand customer preferences
  • You can allow potential employees to apply to work for you online.
  • And you can do a lot more, even before even beginning a discussion of e-commerce.

Launching a website without promoting it won’t help much

Unfortunately, adding e-commerce to your website is not the answer to your concerns about increasing sales. It can take a while before you make money with e-commerce. But when you do, its possible to earn more with your website than you can earn offline.

No matter what type of business you start, no business can be operated 24 hours a day, when you’re working alone. An e-commerce website allows the possibility for you to earn money 24 hours a day. However, not unlike your offline business you have to promote a website. No matter how good your offering may be, it doesn’t matter if no one knows your website exists. Thus, not unlike your offline operation you have to advertise and market your website. Offline promotions may have a marginal effect on website traffic. But to get the traffic necessary to make regular sales online you need a lot of traffic. Even if you have a niche product, that only appeals to a specific market. 

If you sell many products on line, your recommendations to your offline customers can generate a small amount of traffic. But, the addition of a website should allow you to make sales outside the geographical area you normally serve. And, for that purpose you have to promote your website online. Customers outside your geographical area can only become aware of your website when you promote it properly.  A huge mistake many new business people make is to build a website and hope for the best. That unfortunately never works.

Watch your revenues explode when you add e-commerce to the equation

Statistics show that offline businesses that include a website, making them a bricks and clicks operation, can have significantly increased sales. In effect, you are always open. And, the ability to serve customers 24 hours a day is invaluable. You can make sales even in your sleep.  And, you don’t have to employ the resources, necessary to operate your offline operation. Shoppers get to shop at home and avoid the inconvenience of traveling to your shop. Or having you travel to them. When you sell a service, that can be completed online you avoid the cost of traveling to them. If you sell a virtual product you eliminate your concerns for inventory management. If you sell a physical product you can have it drop shipped  and all you have to show online is a picture of your product. You don’t have to carry an inventory of that product.

Yet, many small business owners still avoid the addition of adding a website as a material part of their operations. Many fear they are not tech savvy, and would be incapable of managing the online portion of their businesses. Others fear they would have to bear the cost of hiring specialists to manage online businesses for them. These are opportunity and actual cost most new business people can’t afford. Working with Saafenet eliminates those concerns.

We show you how to use the power of the Internet to make more money

The Saafenet corporation has a developed a complete means for the new business person to add the power of the Internet to their operations, including e-commerce. Even if your knowledge of computers and the Internet is limited. Using Saafenet revenue enhancement services, the new business person would start ahead of competitors still thinking about adding e-commerce. First, you would receive a free domain and a year of hosting. This would save you money even over websites advertised as free that charge you on the back end for any feature other than simply having the website itself. In addition to developing a website for you, we visit it every quarter to ensure it works. And you don’t have to call us to do it.

Saafenet shows you how to integrate the power of the Internet to make your business grow

We go further, to ensure your website integrates properly into your current operation. Our premium package offers the set up of a Facebook business page, allowing you the possibility of reaching millions of consumers. Google and Bing webmaster tools are set up, allowing you measure important statistics about your website and its visitors. We set up Google Analytics allowing you to measure customer actions at your website.  We submit your website to search engines and directories. Then we teach you how to use these tools and it doesn’t end there.  Many business people have websites online for years before they know they even need these things.

Behind the scenes we submit your website to specific directories, to the extent they exist, for three months which has the capacity to help generate traffic. You become our colleague for up to a year, and any technical question you have about your business analysis or your website will be answered for free.

If you sell something the federal government buys, we show you how to get into their 8(a) program

We know the government is looking to buy goods and services, not to help people get into business. Companies with a track record of having delivered their goods and services in the past, have a significantly increased probability of getting government contracts. In fact, you have to demonstrate your business was self supporting for a couple of years to qualify to get into the 8(a) program. Turning your business into a bricks and clicks operation as previously described helps make your business a money magnet.  Without which you may have to continue to work full or part time.

Use of the Saafenet strategy helps you reach a point most businesses take years to reach. And we help you establish a foundation for a profitable business within 4 days. We help new start-ups as well as existing businesses. We show you how to gradually stop working for someone else and how to become your own boss. Or, if you are already in business we show you hot to increase sales. No matter if you want to qualify to get government contracts or just dramatically increase the amount of money you earn, we have the answers you need. When you’re ready to make money, we’re ready to help you.

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