The components of our program, help you succeed in business


First, we determine if you are working with a plan. If not, we help you get one started and our training manual shows you how to complete it. Saafenet offers a complete revenue enhancement service for companies that want to increase sales. There is no silver bullet that will do that alone. Consequently our service contains several components. All aimed at a single result, helping you increase sales.


We analyze your current operation to ensure you are properly marketing; and charging optimum prices for your offerings. That analysis gives us the information we need to develop your short term marketing strategy. Then we determine if you have a product or service that would appeal to the government. To avoid having you sit in a room with hundreds of people after that contract, with the same offering as you, we design a plan for you to get into the 8(a) program. There, the competition is reduced to other 8(a) members only.

Next, we use your input to design an e-commerce website for you. Then teach you how to use it. Once your website is known, you will be able to make sales 24 hours a day. Many people believe you have to sell physical products on an e-commerce website. They are wrong. But we help you to select a physical product if you would like, related to your business. If you are selling a service, we help you to sell that online as well.

Our premium offering includes business pages on Facebook and Twitter and a whole lot more. We prepare your application to get into your state small business procurement program and help you to restructure your business to meet their entry requirements. No one can guarantee you’ll be approved but, we make sure you are ready.


Finally, we show you show you how to operate the online and offline components of your business as a single operation. Though many business owners can take it from there, if you need additional help to explode your revenue we are there for you. In addition to the optional support services we make available to you, we make periodic checks to ensure our revenue enhancement service works for you, as it should. If you get stuck, we bail you out. There is no way you won’t increase sales when you have the right foundation.

With Saafenet you only head in one direction, UP!

Our service is a turn key system. You don’t need to know coding or anything else to make it work for you. We show you how to promote your company online and off. Because it doesn’t matter how good your offering is if no one knows you exist. We demonstrate that e-commerce without an offline component is an incomplete solution. But, when the two are combined, many companies will have the formula for success. Because you will have the right foundation to succeed.  We provide you with a legend for gradually improving offline promotions. Online we submit your website to search engines and directories. We also make sure you have the tools to monitor customer behavior at your website.Starting with the day we complete your work, you will have what you need to grow your business.

There’s no way your sales won’t increase with our help. And our prices are fixed. starting as low as $23.00  a month. If you don’t see an increase in sales, we give you your money back. So you have nothing to loose and everything to gain. order your basic or premium package to get started.

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