Starting a construction company

Start your business in construction, as a project manager or a general contractor

business improvement ideaThis is a business opportunity you should not even attempt to get into if you do not have previous exposure.  Once you are properly licensed you could begin to work on projects as a project director or as a general contractor. The Saafenet method of fundraising is not designed to get you enough money to purchase major pieces of construction equipment. So starting an actual construction company is not an option for a business improvement idea.

There is a myriad of regulations and laws you must know to ensure you are in compliance. And, to properly advise your potential customers you must be intimately familiar with building codes and how to apply for the appropriate permits. When you are representing a construction firm you must be prepared to advise them on surety issues to ensure their customers will be covered in the event a construction firm you are representing can’t deliver as agreed upon.

Advising, general contracting or project management, allows you to select the area of construction you’d like to work in.  Especially if advisory roles don’t suit you. Select your projects carefully and know what’s needed to complete them, you can start by leasing equipment. It’s not necessary to own and maintain it. that is another level. Insurance is also key to your success so, understand the cost you must bear to enter this world.

Once you are up and running, the U.S. Small Business Administration is a great source of advice and loan guarantees. Another manufacturing business that might interest you if you have experience with firearms, is custom gun manufacturing.

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