planWe’ve all seen or heard of the strategy and planning sessions held in the war rooms of big companies. It’s critical for them to develop reasonable strategies and plans for meeting the challenges of maintaining and expanding market share.and sustained growth. But for some reason the owners of small businesses thought they could prosper without planning.

Possibly this is another contributing factor to the disproportionate failure rate of small business in America. Too many new and small business people find something they like to do and build a business around it. They tend to consider how they can earn a living with their choice not even considering real growth.

Many fail to realize they may get old one day and no longer be able to deliver services they loved doing, and their customers loved having done. Of the few that even last a lifetime, many of the owners die poor. And worse, have nothing to leave future generations. Great small businesses the public loved are gone forever. Cost has typically been the major barrier to small businesses making a plan. Small business owners assumed they brought skills to the table they didn’t want to share, if successful. Some felt it would be impossible to train staff to reach the levels of intensity that made them crowd favorites and many never bothered to try. Still others felt they understood the offering they sold and were not interested administration for their companies. They reported small amounts of profits to the IRS, paid a small tax bill and were content with their lives.

Saafenet changes the playing field to the benefit of the small business owner

Developing a plan is actually more important for a small business than it is for larger ones. Because small business owners tend to work in their businesses rather than on them. Older small business people argue they aren’t computer literate. Others insist they only know the products and/or services they’re selling and don’t want to try to learn anything else. Saafenet however, lets the small business person continue to pursue his dream of continued work in his business while building an infrastructure allowing him to work on his business in the future.

Once the small business owner becomes a part of the Saafenet revolution, we build an infrastructure for his company in the background. This results in his gaining a system for his company, aimed at growth. When he’s ready, be that a couple of weeks or several months we introduce him to his complete system. Some will insist they don’t have the time or staff to operate the system efficiently. So we offer him support so he doesn’t have to worry about its operation. We show him why he’s wrong.

For less money than he probably spends on his morning coffee and donuts, we operate his system for him. Thus he doesn’t have to assign staff to maintain his system