Tax Compliance

Taxing Authorities Don’t Care if You Can’t Find Time to File Your Taxes on Time

complianceNext to payroll, your tax bill can become your largest expense, when you select the wrong party to prepare your filings for you. Many CPAs and tax attorneys do a great job on preparing tax forms, but they’re expensive. But when you become a member of the Saafenet revolution, you get the same high quality service for a much lower fee. We can state that because your tax returns will be prepared by a CPA or IRS Enrolled Agent employed by us. Giving you the same high quality service for a vastly reduced price.

Most tax preparers offer their services to a few high end tax payers. This assures them there will be no arguments about fees. We on the other hand charge less because our service is available to any small business. Something the major tax preparers avoid like the plague. Nonetheless, We take the same care and offer the same guarantees though we serve a market other professionals overlook.

Now you don’t have to search for tax help at mass tax services, like H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, Tax America or Liberty tax. All of whom focus on the preparation of personal tax returns. And, though all of them have a business tax division, even their prices can get out of control.

Bring your tax issues to Saafenet and know you’ll receive an absolute guarantee of mathematical accuracy, the largest refund or lowest liability legally allowable. And, if we make an error (which has never happened) which causes penalty or interest payments to accrue to your filings, we reimburse you for the penalties and Interest assessed.

But our guarantee doesn’t end there. If the IRS audits you for a return prepared by Saafenet, someone from our office will accompany you to the audit to explain how the return was prepared. On a lighter note, if you ever need copies of any tax return we prepared for you, we’re only a phone call away. Because there can be many reasons you’ll need a copy of your tax return.