We assist businesses both large and small in achieving their business goals with their web presence and productivity solutions. Saafenet is the largest business development company on the east coast, dedicated to offering businesses the 360 degrees of support necessary to help them succeed. Your success is our success. The mission of the Saafenet Corporation is to help new and young businesses beat the national averages for survival in business. If your company has no website, we explain the importance of having one, and demonstrate how it will improve your profitability. Then we develop a customized website for less than 1/5 the cost most website developers will put a website together for you. But, in addition we also give you business cards, stationary and envelopes to help give you the look of an established company. These features alone can help to improve your profitability, but we go a lot further.

Once we’ve given your company a professional appearance, our sales staff will review available offerings to locate possible new work for your company. Rather than spend money on promotions that work better when you have the proper foundation, we make certain you have a foundation from which you can grow. Listings in directories don’t work if you send interested parties to a poorly designed website that speaks poorly of your company. We make sure you have a website that encourages sales and makes more money for you. Using services to ensure your listings are consistent on the Internet are worthless if interested parties visit a website that fails to encourage sales.

But, we also give you back office support so you don’t have to spend money for salaries for support staff who don’t earn a dime for your company. Saafenet truly offers the only one stop business support service online that every new or young company should avail themselves to.

We help you make it work and no company that has worked with us has seen less than a 50% increase in sales. Some have realized as much as a 300% increase in sales. Stop working yourself to death for ordinary earnings and join the Saafenet Revolution to make going into business the right choice for you. We help you catch that elusive quality most business have trouble achieving, Success.