What types of people make the best entrepreneurs?

Are entrepreneurs born or raised

It was once believed entrepreneurs were born rather than trained. Yet current research supports the fact anyone can be trained to start a business.  It was once believed only people with a lot of money could start a business. However, current research reveals you can start a business with small amounts of money over and beyond the cost of registering your company with your state. There is no type of person who would make a better entrepreneur than someone else. There are however, issues you must address to increase the probability of your success.

You must perform an honest self evaluation to determine if you have traits that indicate you’re ready. In other words you can make yourself ready to be an entrepreneur. You have to ask yourself, if you can effectively deal with hard times. Hard times are not always caused by a lack of money. Rough times in business can be the result of a seeming inability to expand your operation. Hard times can be the result of customer dissatisfaction and multiple other issues in business. If you feel you’re not ready to address these types of issues you need to get training and prepare yourself.

You must also decide if you want to determine your own destiny.  A desire to be your own boss and give up the limits of a job, is a good starting place. But you must be certain you are ready. Are you willing to give up the regularity of a paycheck and benefits provided by an employer? Have you considered that most businesses operate at a loss initially? Have you made provisions to support yourself until your company makes regular profits? If not, you must make arrangements to do that.

How to give yourself  the probability to become a good entrepreneur

Do you understand how business operates in general? A belief that getting an employer’s ID number from the IRS puts you in business is an indication you don’t. But, there is free help all around you. The free information available here at the Saafenet website is a great starting place.  You may even be awarded a certificate of knowledge of business start-up methodology, for reading that information and passing a brief exam.  And, reading the information is free. The service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE), is a free service offered by the U.S. SBA. Arranging to meet with those executives will give you the opportunity to up your business IQ. Typically, those executives have big business experience and knowledge to share with you. But there are many commonalities in all sizes of business. Meeting with the executives of SCORE may help you to understand that.

Talking with accountants, attorneys and bankers you know will add to your knowledge of how business works. But the most important factor is you. Are you ready to make sure you are ready? Are you prepared to deal with hard times? Will you make an investment of time and possibly money into yourself? If you answered yes to these questions, you will probably be a better candidate to be an entrepreneur than someone unwilling to make those commitments.

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