Understanding your state procurement DBE programs


State government

State government procurement programs are designed to ensure small and disadvantaged businesses are able to successfully bid on state procurement opportunities. They should not be confused with opportunities aimed at helping you to start a business. If you’ve decided your company is a good fit for selling to your state government, getting certified in their procurement programs is a great starting place.

Which type of state government procurement program will work best for your company?

Every state has a variety of procurement programs small business people should consider when they are developing their potential client list. Its been thought, the only programs available through the state are the DBE and small business programs administered through the state Department of transportation. Many people are not even aware that the state DOT programs are even available.  Thus, a first step must be to look at your offering then do a little research to see if your state government buys whatever you’re selling.

Most states purchase a wide variety of goods and services ranging from pencils to temporary labor, to professional services and more. Annual purchases total in the  billions of dollars. Some states also make their purchasing services available to local governments, charitable non-profit hospitals, local non-profit community sheltered workshops, volunteer fire departments, and rescue squads. If you sell a product or service these organizations use you could be missing out on a lot of potential revenue if you are not registered to do business with your state.


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