10 Reasons why all businesses need a website

97% of consumers shop online but 49% of small businesses don’t have a website

websiteNo matter what size your business is you should have a website, because it may be the first place a potential customer has contact with your company. A primary concern of any business person should be to create every means possible for customers and potential customers to spend money with their companies. A website can be one of those means. And, we give you far more than just a website with our three (3) pronged approach to growing your business. But, there are other reasons every business should have a website. Ten (10) important reasons are listed below.


Ten important reasons for your company to invest in a website

The first five reasons

  1. A website is a tool that can be used to sell your products or services. If you hope a part of the growth of your company will include the satisfaction of your customers due to their ability to order your products without having to make a trip to your shop or to have you come to them, then you need a website. But just having a website is only the beginning. You need a way to attract people to your website. Several presences on social media can be useful. Email marketing is very useful. but you must also be able to measure visitor behavior and website health as a material part of maximizing the utility of your website. Saafenet gives you all of that.
  2. A website allows you to conduct business 24 hours a day. That’s right, your shop or office doesn’t have to be open for customers to order your products even after hours. If you sell a physical product, customers may place orders after hours and you can fill them the next morning when you open. If you sell a service, customers can set appointments to see you or be seen by you. Properly used a website can become another revenue stream for your company.
  3. You can attract business outside the geographical territory of your brick and mortar business serves. Or outside the territory you are willing to travel to. If you have a product or service with world wide appeal, that you can deliver world wide, the entire planet can become your territory. Your staff  can eliminate territorial boundaries with a website and the sky is your limit with a properly used and promoted website.
  4. Your clients and customers expect you to be online. Recent studies reveal customers are more likely to contact and do business with companies with an online presence. You could be missing an entire revenue stream if you can’t be found online.
  5. You can use your website to educate potential customers about your company. And properly done you attract business you may not have gotten without a website.

Five additional reasons you must have a website

  1.  A website can help build the credibility of your company and help convince customers of your legitimacy.
  2.   A website allows you to showcase the products and services you sell and even provide proof in the way of testimonials of the satisfaction of previous customers.
  3.   Typical customer questions about your company and its products or services may be answered at your website. This can be a time saver when it reduces or eliminates the probability potential customers will call you during the workday for additional information about your company and/or its offerings.
  4.   You can improve customer support by simply adding a chat feature to your website so customers in need of aftermarket support can access it without making a trip to your shop or office.
  5.  Your website can save you money, because anything you would have paid to have printed can be put on your website free. An expensive catalog can cost hundreds of dollars to have printed and will have the additional cost of distribution to your customers. With a website, you can have your catalog online. When you want to announce a sale or a special, you can do so on your website and even include printable discount coupons without incurring printing costs.