The real reasons for starting a company should help you decide.

Many people dream of starting their own businesses. Millions decide they don’t have the money or the mental firepower to start their own business. So, they look for opportunities where the amount of money they would have to invest is low, and they don’t have to think for themselves. This makes them the perfect target for anyone involved in a Get Rich Scheme.

You can typically tell when a representative of a Get rich Scheme has targeted you as his next victim. Early in any conversation,  they’ll come out of the blue and say,  “Let me tell you about this great business opportunity”. Look at that person. Look at how they dress, look at where they live, listen to how they talk. Then ask yourself, is this person any better off than I am.  If they’re  doing so well, why do they need me to make their business work? Better yet, why do they even live in this community?

Come to the realization there has only ever been one way to get a business started.  And, it has never involved selling dreams, which are intangible. Real businesses, perform a service and/or provide a product for sale. When an offering of a business does not include a product or service, that business is not involved in the service, manufacturing or merchandising areas, and may not be a real business. Look at why it’s better to start a real business, and things you should consider if you decide going into business is for you.

Why you should start your own business

What types of people make the best entrepreneurs

Things you need to consider if you plan to start your own business

Now that you’ve reviewed why you should start your own business, continue to up your business IQ.  Read our next offering explaining what types of real businesses exist.

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